The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 33

Chapter 33 “You’re right. The Wilkins are so lucky. They have such a dutiful daughter who married a Wilson. Chad and The Gourmand’s owner must enjoy a special friendship.”

Felicia and her family were dumbfounded hearing what the crowd said. Chad was confused as well. What was going on? He had only made a reservation for the Silver Room, and he had never seen The Gourmand’s owner before either. Why was he here in person? However, thinking that he had managed to command the attention of the Gourmand’s owner, Chad turned gleeful. He lifted his chin and put an arm around Emily, enjoying the admiring glances from the crowd. Felicia was more arrogant than ever. She even turned around to look at Gladys purposefully, letting out a haughty hmph. Gladys was enraged. She blamed James for all of this, the useless WOTIL.

“You piece of trash. Look at them! Look at the company they keep! Even ‘The Gourmand’s owner is here to greet them in person,” Gladys yelled at James, who frowned slightly Henry never made mistakes. What was going on? He looked at Bryan who was still bent over, Understanding flashed in his mind. Bryan must have gotten the wrong person. As Felicia and her family were just entering the restaurant, he must have mistaken Emily for Thea.

Loudly, he announced, “Thea, we’re not eating here anymore. Let’s go.” After that, he grabbed Thea and walked off.

Still standing by the entrance, Bryan heard the name and jolted upright. He looked up to see James and Thea turning away. He shuddered and slapped himself.

In his haste, he had made a mistake.

Hurriedly, he caught up with them and stopped in front of Thea. Respectfully, he asked, “Are… are you Miss Thea Callahan?” “Huh?”

Thea was stunned. Dumbly, she nodded. “I am.” “Miss Callahan, the Diamond Room is ready. Please come with me.”

The tables turned so quickly that no one knew what was going on. They were all in shock.

Gladys, Benjamin, David, and Alyssa were staring, their mouths agape.

They had never seen The Gourmand’s owner before, but they knew that he was not from Cansington. A real big shot, he was from the Capital.

“M-Mister Grayson? Did you just say that the Diamond Room is ready? For Thea?” Gladys asked uncertainly.

“Madam, you must be Thea’s mother! This way, please! Waiter! What are you doing? Welcome our guests!” Following Bryan’s shouts, several waiters appeared at once, arranging themselves into two neat rows and bowing to them. “Welcome.” Their voices sounded as one, ringing loudly in the restaurant.

“Guards, throw these people out!” Bryan looked at Felicia and her family who stood rooted at the entrance.

They had caused him to slip up.

He had never seen the Black Dragon before, but he had no intention of disobeying the Black Dragon’s commands. The room was for Thea. If he offended Thea, his life would be over.

A team of security guards appeared and started to drive Felicia and her family away. The crowd bore witness to the scene.

Gladys finally smiled. Even though she did not know what was going on, she was happy as long as Felicia suffered

She watched as Felicia and her family were banished. She doubled over in laughter and pointed at Felicia. “Haha, what a joke! The Diamond Room? You’re not worthy!”


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