The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3304

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3304-The most elite figures of the Human Race gathered before the Formation. Even some powerful figures from the Fiend and Demon Realms were present.

James was the one who gathered them here. As his strength was limited, he could not return to the Primeval Age without their help. Back then, despite Xandros using the Time Capsule’s power, James could only return 100,000 years in the past. Now, the time period he was heading to was in the Epochs. Even 100,000 Epochs might not bring him back to the Primeval Age.

Tens of thousands of powerful figures gathered before the Formation. In the distance were James’ friends and relatives. They had been in the Mortal Dimension all this while. Hearing that James was leaving, they came to send him off.

“Go, James.”

Melinda gently pushed James.

James strode forward and entered the Formation. Immediately, he was enveloped in a colorful radiant light. At that moment, he summoned Crucifier and Exalter and catalyzed Yin and Yang Power. Then, Crucifier and Exalter merged to form the Time Capsule. Hovering before James, the Time Capsule merged with the Formation’s power. At that moment, James could sense power brimming inside the Time Capsule.

“Now,” Melinda said.

As she spoke, the powerful figures in the surroundings injected immense power into the Formation, which merged with the Time Capsule.

At that moment, James held the Time Capsule in his hand.


While holding the Time Capsule, James casually waved his hand, and the Time Capsule’s power tore the void open. Vaguely, James could see a stream formed by Law Inscriptions. His body flashed, and he entered the River of Time. The Time Capsule’s power propelled him forward through the River of Time and against the tide.

Outside the Formation, many powerful figures catalyzed power and injected them into the Formation, which combined with the Time Capsule.

In the distance, as Quincy gazed at James who was gradually disappearing, she sighed while wearing a wistful look on her face, murmuring, “When will we meet again I wonder?”

Jacopo and Xainte stood by the side. Though they were Grand Emperors, they did not offer their power to the Formation.

Jacopo asked, “Xainte, can Dad find Mom?”

Xainte shook her head slightly and said, “I don’t know. However, if Mom truly exists in the Primeval Age, Dad will surely find her.”

“I believe Dad will be back after finding her.”

As James entered the River of Time, he went against the tide as mysterious Time Inscriptions appeared in his surroundings. Initially, he traversed the River of Time easily without any interference. However, thirty minutes later, he began to feel a sense of discomfort. Surrounding pressure came from the surroundings and crushed his physical body. Though his physical strength was equivalent to the Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor Rank, he still felt a sense of discomfort. Being in the River of Time, he had no idea where he was now. He did not dare leave the River of Time recklessly. After all, it would be extremely difficult to find another group of powerful figures to catalyze the Time Capsule. Now, there was still much power in the Time Capsule. He waved the Time Capsule and accelerated his speed.

In the beginning, James could still sense the presence of time. However, slowly and gradually, he began to lose the sense of time. He no longer knew how long he had been in the River of Time. Perhaps a long time had passed, or perhaps it had only been an instant.

The Time Capsule in his hand turned dimmer.


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