The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3307

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3307-Immediately, the door opened, and a glamorous-looking chambermaid walked in. Seeing that James was awake, she immediately left the room and reported the situation.

Soon, a group of people rushed in. In the lead was a middle-aged man wearing a grey robe. Then came Letitia, who was stunningly beautiful.

James could feel excruciating pain throughout his body. Though his physical body suffered agonizing pain, his soul hurt immensely as well for his soul had merged with his physical body long ago.

He had no idea that people had come rushing into the room.

Letitia walked in and asked, “You’re awake?”

The middle-aged man was her father, the Leader of the Lachesis family. As an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor, he had inspected James’ injuries and came to the conclusion that he could not live for long. Now that James had regained consciousness, he had a puzzled look on his face. ‘Who was this man?’ he wondered.

Enduring the excruciating pain throughout his body, James dragged himself out of bed with great difficulty and sat in a lotus position on the bed. Looking at the group of people before him, he asked in a feeble voice, “Where am I?”

“This is the Lachesis family of the Void Realm,” Letitia replied.

“The Void Realm?”

James froze, not knowing where the Void Realm was. He had no idea if he was in the Primeval Age.

“Wh-Who is the Macrocosm Ancestral God of this age?” he asked.

Though he was covered with Heavenly Path injuries all over his body, this was not the first time. Though the pain was agonizing, he could still bear the pain.

“H-Hadad Theophanes… What’s wrong? Why are you asking this?” Letitia was puzzled.

“H-Hadad…” James murmured.

He knew that Hadad was Melinda’s father. That meant that he was back in the Primeval Age. In this age, Radomir had yet to turn traitor and become the ruler of this universe, and Hadad was still alive.

He took a deep breath. At long last, he was here.

‘Where are you, Thea?’

He desperately wanted to search for Thea. However, now that he was gravely injured, he could barely walk.

He waved his hand slightly and said, “Alright now, please leave for now. Let me rest.”

“Alright.” Letitia and the others nodded and turned to leave.

Outside the door, Murchadh Lachesis, the Leader of the Lachesis family asked while wearing a grim expression on his face, “Letitia, you shouldn’t have brought him home.”

Letitia said, “I thought he would die. I never expected him to live. Since he asked about the Macrocosm Ancestral God upon regaining consciousness, he must be someone important. This is a great opportunity for the Lachesis family.”

“I hope so.” Murchadt sighed.

In the room, James catalyzed the Dark Power inside his power to heal the Heavenly Path injuries. However, it was nigh impossible to heal injuries made by the Heavenly Path, so James could only suppress them for now and alleviate the pain.

A few days later, the pain had subsided. He knew that a long time would be needed to completely heal the injuries inside his body. The time needed was possibly in the Epochs. When he was by the tombstones of the Dark World, he absorbed the power of the Dark World to heal his injuries. Meanwhile, there was no Dark Power in the Illuminated World. With just the Dark Power inside his body, he could not completely rejuvenate his injuries in a short period of time.

After suppressing the pain in his body, he walked out of the room and appeared in the courtyard. He could clearly sense the presence of the mighty power of heaven and earth.

“As expected of the Primeval Age, this power is immense. No wonder there are so many Macrocosm Ancestral Gods in this age,” he murmured.


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