The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3309

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3309-Though James knew there were many Ancestral Gods in the Primeval Age, he only roughly knew about the specifics.

Letitia looked at James with a bizarre look on her face.

James coughed a few times and hurriedly explained, “As I have been in closed-door meditation for so long, I haven’t been out and about for a long time. The first time I left the mountains, I was ambushed by a bunch of mysterious people. As such, I don’t know much about this world.”

“Oh, I see.”

Doubtful, Letitia said, “I guess the Human Realm is the strongest in this universe. In the Human Realm, there is a place called Mount Heavenly Path, which is the place of residence of the Macrocosm Ancestral God. There are many powerful figures there, many of whom are Ancestral Gods. This includes the Ancestral Sword Master, the Ancestral Talisman Master, the Five Ancestral Masters of Heaven and Earth, and many more. Humans dominate this universe. Of course, the other races also have many powerful figures.”

Letitia briefly described the situation in this universe.

James listened intently. Hearing Letitia’s words, he now had a better understanding of this universe.

“By the way…” Letitia looked at James and asked, “500 years later, the Ancestral Sword Master will be holding a public sermon on the Path. Each time there’s a sermon by the Ancestral Sword Master, there will many Sword Cultivators there.”

Letitia spoke about the Ancestral Sword Master.

James knew about the Ancestral Sword Master, who was rumored to have created the Five Great Sword Realms. He did not conceal his secrets but instead imparted his knowledge on the Sword Path to anyone who was willing to hear. This meant that every Sword Cultivator in the Primeval Age comprehended the Five Great Sword Realms. However, though they comprehend the Path, no one had been able to reach the rank of the Ancestral Sword Master.

James had cultivated the Sword Path Ousia, which was already at the Second Consolidation. Most crucially, he cultivated the Five Great Sword Realms of the Ancestral Sword Master. If he could listen to the sermon in person, it would be extremely beneficial to him.

“Are you interested in the Sword Path? If you are, we can head there together. I have already secured a spot in the Void Realm,” Letitia said.

“There are spots as well?’ James asked.

“Of course.” Letitia explained, “The Ancestral Sword Master is an extremely powerful figure well-renowned throughout the universe. As such, there are limited spots for his sermon. Only some extremely powerful figures or talented prodigies have the right to go. As someone who has cultivated the third Ousia, I’m the number-one prodigy of the Void Realm.”

Letitia beamed with confidence. As someone who had cultivated three Ousias, she was certainly a prodigy, even though there were many who had cultivated four or even five Ousias. However, these were all Grand Priests or Grand Priestesses of the Superorthodox faction, which she believed there was no way she could compare herself to. However, compared to the prodigies outside, cultivating three Ousais was certainly a feat to be proud of.

James wanted to know. However, he needed to secure a spot, and he had no idea where to get one.

Seeing that he was deep in thought, Letitia said with a smile, “Since I have secured a spot in the Void Realm, I can bring someone along with me to the Human Realm’s Sword Realm and ascend Mount Sword God.”

James glanced at her and asked, “Are you saying that I’ll be your attendant who accompanies you there?”

Letitia corrected him in time, “Not an attendant, I just want to bring you there.”

James said smilingly, “Sure, no problem at all.”

Since he knew nothing about this age, it was the perfect opportunity to learn more.


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