The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3315

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3315-Murchadt looked at James and said, “I’m not targeting you, Sir. This has nothing to do with you. Since your injuries have stabilized, please leave this place at once. The Lachesis family cannot accommodate you, I’m afraid.”

Murchadt ordered James to leave.

“I told you I’m not bringing garbage along,” Letitia said adamantly.

James was at a loss.

“Help me, Mr. Caden,” Letitia said. Seeing that James was hesitating, she hurriedly said, “I was the one who saved your life. Can’t you help me out a little here?”

James was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Murchadt was an Eighth Heaven Grand Emperor. Though his physical strength was powerful, it was only equivalent to a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven. What else could he do if Murchadt insisted on stopping them from leaving?

He looked at Letitia and advised, “Why don’t you bring that Ximun guy along?”

Letitia looked at him and fell into deep thought. After some time, she sighed deeply and said, “If you say so…”

Letitia had no other choice. Looking at Murchadt, she said coldly, “Satisfied?”

Murchadt said nothing and ordered his guards, “Bring Mr. Ximun here.”


The guards turned to leave.

James, Letitia, and Murchadt waited. James looked at the two and said, “Please don’t tell anyone about the Divine Sword. It’s for your own good as well.”

James was afraid indeed. The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword was the sword of the Anceestral Sword Master, one of the world’s most powerful figures. Most importantly, he had no idea what sort of person the Ancestral Sword Master was. If news of the Divine Sword in his possession leaked, he might be hunted down. Previously, he was only trying to intimidate Murchadt with the sword. He was only reminded of the dangers the moment the Divine Sword underwent extraordinary changes. Thus, from this moment onward, he would no longer summon the Divine Sword. Not only that, he would not be using the Five Elements of Genesis easily. That was because the Five Ancestral Masters of Heaven and Earth also existed in this world. The Five Elements of Genesis were the precious treasures of the Five Ancestral Masters. If news spread, he would be in deep trouble. So, he planned to use them only after he had understood the situation he was in.

Letitia nodded and said, “Don’t worry, my lips are sealed.”

Murchadt looked at James and said, “I saw nothing.”

Hearing this, James was relieved.

Soon, Ximun arrived at the gates of the Lachesis family.

“Hey there, Letitia,” he greeted her with a bright smile.

“Hmph!” Letitia grunted before turning to leave.

James followed suit.

Murchadt ordered, “Alright now, get going then. Be careful along the way. Once you arrive at Mount Sword God, be sure to comprehend the sermons of the Ancestral Sword Master. Everything will now depend on your providence.”

“Understood, Murchadt. Thank you.”

After speaking, Ximun hurriedly chased after James and Letitia.

Upon leaving the city, Letitia gazed at the sky and casually waved. Then, a Saucer materialized out of thin air.

James froze and asked, “How long do we need to reach the Human Realm? Do we not have Galatic Highways in this age?”

“Galatic Highways?” Letitia asked, “What are they?”

“I-It’s nothing.” James shook his head slightly and said nothing else. It appeared that Galatic Highways were not yet created in the Primeval Age.

Letitia said, “As our strength is weak, we can’t travel by tearing open the void. So, we can only travel via a Saucer. Don’t worry, my Saucer is rather advanced, and we can leap through space. Our journey to the Human Realm will take approximately 300 years. We can definitely make it on time.”

“Let’s go.”

She boarded the Saucer.

As James’ physical strength was equivalent to a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven, he could already tear open the void and travel through space. However, he remained silent and boarded the Saucer. A few hundred years were nothing to him, after all.


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