The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3317

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3317-Then, the Saucer left space and entered a radiant planet. This planet was the Katun Realm, a powerful world that was only beneath the Seven Realms. Each time the Sacred Blossom in the Katun Realm blossomed, countless powerful figures would flock over there to have a glimpse of the flower.

Upon entering the Katun Realm, the Saucer landed in a powerful city called Path City. Meanwhile, the Sacred Blossom was located in a sect outside Path City called the Path Sect.

Letitia brought James to an inn where they would stay and said, “Please rest here for now, Mr. Caden. I’ll go ask around.”

“I’ll go with you, Letitia.” Ximun hurriedly chased after her.

“Get lost.” She said coldly.

Ximun, however, was not angry at all. Apparently, he had gotten used to her abrasive remarks. He said smilingly, “In that case, be careful on your way out!”

Seeing this, James simply remained silent and entered his room. Sitting in a lotus position, he was lost in contemplation. Then, his body flashed, and he entered the Celestial Abode. Currently, the Celestial Abode was completely empty, and only the Spirit Tool remained.

James went looking for him. In a manor in the City Lord Manion’s courtyard, James called out to the Spirit Tool, “Master Spirit Tool!”

The Spirit Tool hurriedly said, “Please don’t call me that, James. Just call me the Spirit Tool.”

James asked, “Do you remember Emperor Jabari’s final battle?”

The Spirit Tool asked, puzzled, “Yeah, I do. Why though?”

James replied, “Emperor Jabari summoned a Sacred Blossom in his final battle. However, as his comprehension of the Paths was limited, he did not manage to gain insight into the Five Great Paths and the Karma Path. In the end, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself to replenish the power of the Five Great Paths and the Karma Path to gravely injure the Heaven’s Adjudicator.”

“Mhm.” The Spirit Tool nodded and said, “Indeed.”

James asked, “What was the Supernatural Power performed by Emperor Jabari?”

The Spirit Tool answered truthfully, “Emperor Jabari looked for Yukia Dearnaley all his life. That was why he traversed countless ancient ruins. Coincidentally, he came across a withered Sacred Blossoom. The Sacred Blossom has long its power and can no longer blossom. Regardless, as a Sacred Blossom, it still contained incredible power. Emperor Jabari entered a closed-door meditation beneath the Sacred Blossom and created a Forbidden Art called ‘Blossoming’. However, ‘Blossoming’ was incomplete as Emperor Jabari only had a fundamental comprehension of the Five Great Paths, let alone the bizarre Karma Path. That’s why ‘Blossoming’ was incomplete.”

The Spirit Tool explained it briefly.

James asked, “Did he leave behind any cultivation methods for Blossoming?”

“Of course, please follow me.”

The Spirit Tool stood up.

James followed suit.

Under the Spirit Tool’s guidance, James arrived at the back of the City Lord’s Mansion. There was a pagoda nine stories high. On the gates, the words ‘Chamber of Scriptures’ were engraved.

The Spirit Tool explained, “Emperor Jabari was well-versed in various Paths. If not for the Heavenly Path’s restrictions, he would have surely crossed into the Ancestral God Rank. Every secret art he obtained and the Supernatural Powers he acquired while scrolling through the ancient texts in ancient ruins are all hidden in the Chamber of Scriptures. The cultivation method of Blossoming is on the ninth floor.”

“Great, I’ll be heading there.”

James nodded and pushed the door open.

There were many bookshelves on the first floor, on which many books could be found. James did not linger for long and hurriedly headed to the ninth floor.


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