The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3318

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3318-James arrived at the ninth floor. Though there were many bookshelves here as well, there were lesser books on the bookshelves. James scanned his surroundings and immediately discovered Blossoming. As he headed toward the bookshelf where Blossoming was located, he noticed an ancient jade piece there. Holding the jade piece in his hand, he catalyzed his power and injected them into the object.

At that moment, the jade piece began to glimmer. Mysterious characters materialized from within and appeared before James. James scrutinized the pieces of information.

After some time, the jade piece returned to normal.

James put down the jade piece, sat in a lotus position on the ground, and began absorbing the information he saw in earnest.

As a Forbidden Art, Blossoming was an unparalleled Supernatural Power Jabari acquired beneath a withered Sacred Blossom. Once performed, one’s energy would be completely depleted. Even someone as mighty as Emperor Jabari could not support Blossoming and had to sacrifice his own life to successfully perform Blossoming. Meanwhile, the requirements for performing Blossoming were strict. Not only must one be a Grand Emperor, but he or she must also comprehend various Paths. When Blossoming is performed, one needed to comprehend every Path there is to successfully perform the Forbidden Art.

Upon learning of this, James gave up. That was because he had yet to reach the requirements for cultivating Blossoming.

He left the Chamber of Scriptures. After bidding farewell to the Spirit Tool, his body flashed, and he disappeared from the Celestial Abode. In the next instant, he was already back in the inn.

Since Letitia was out gathering information, James had nothing to do at the moment. So, he sat in a lotus position on the bed and catalyzed Dark Power to suppress and rejuvenate his injuries.

Soon, Letitia was back.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A knock came on the door.

James stopped suppressing the Heavenly Path’s injuries inside his body. Then, his body flashed, and he appeared before the door and opened it.

A glamorous-looking woman was standing outside. Wearing a green robe, her appearance was stunningly beautiful, and her figure was slender and enticing.

“Come in.”

James returned to the room. Letitia walked in and shut the door. He sat on a chair, while Letitia sat beside him.

James asked, “Did you find anything out?”

Letitia nodded and said, “Yes, I did.”

James listened intently.

Letitia said, “The Sacred Blossom will completely blossom in five years. The Sacred Blossom is located in the Path Sect, a powerful sect outside the city. The Path Sect has an Ancestral God who’s called the Ancestral Cultivator Master. He’s a Mystical Ancestral God.

“Oh?” Hearing this, James froze momentarily before asking, “Is the Ancestral God Rank divided into multiple sub-ranks as well?”

Letitia looked at him weirdly.


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