The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3324

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3324-The more Letitia thought about it, the more excited she became. She has always believed that she had potential. The only thing she was lacking was an opportunity. Now that her chance had appeared, she was determined to become a cultivator whose name would spread far and wide.

Her heart fluttered as she thought about this.

James was not pressured at all by the battle among the Divine Ranks this time. Throughout this journey within the Interdimensional Realm with Letitia, he produced an aura so strong that each living being he encountered would obediently leave the Realm.

In the outer realm, an Elder of the Path Sect was intensely observing every happenstance within the Realm. He was a Quasi Ancestral God who was in charge of the fights among the Divine Rank’s Third Consolidation. His attention was focused on James.

‘This youngster is quite amazing. I wonder whose disciple he is,’ the elder, called Xbalanque Darby, thought to himself. James’ success led him to be interested in the youngster. In his view, he must be a disciple of an extremely powerful figure, as he would not be able to emanate such a strong aura. This however conflicted with the cultivation base he examined before during the registration stage. There could not be someone who had exceeded the Divine Rank’s Third Stage attending a fight of that level.

He observed James intensely. He realized that James merely exerted his aura each time instead of displaying his true abilities in order to scare other living beings away.

“Interesting,” he spoke as he caressed his white beard. “This youngster should be fighting the Grand Priests and Priestesses of the powerful sects instead.”

James had no idea that he was being observed, not that it would have mattered much to him. He journeyed through the realm, chasing people away using his aura.

Time passed by silently, and James found himself in the realm for a decade. Ten years within the Realm was not equivalent to ten years in the outer realm, for time here was controlled. Only one month had passed in the outer realm.

Throughout this decade, innumerable living beings were eliminated. Only a few hundred remained from the initial pool of one billion. They were scattered in each corner of the realm, all of them being opponents who have reached the Divine Rank’s Third Stage. Nevertheless, they did not actively expose themselves but rather hid in the dark. They were waiting for other living beings to massacre others so that they could benefit from the final win.

James was slightly bored now that he has been in the realm for ten years.

“Let’s end this,” he murmured. With a flicker, his body appeared in the Realm’s sky. He exerted Soul Power, letting the Power disseminate across the entire realm. Since his physical strength reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, his soul that merged with his body raised his Soul’s power to that of his body.

Using the Soul Power he currently had, covering the entire Interdimensional Realm was an easy job done. With his soul, he could clearly calculate how many living beings remained in the realm.

At this moment in time, all the living beings hiding in the realm sensed this alarming power heading their way, oppressing each of them. They felt so sick that even breathing became difficult.

“Leave while you can,” James’ voice reverberated next to the ears of these living beings. Obediently, they all shattered their tokens, disappearing from the realm.


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