The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 36

Chapter 36 After finishing their meal at The Gourmand, the Callahans left in a daze.

Belinda had ripped the gauze off Thea’s face. After leaving The Gourmand, James took Thea back to Common Clinic, where he started to prescribe some medicine for her again.

Thea sat down, looking at the VIP card that was made of diamonds. Then, she looked at James, who was absorbed in his task. She was dazed. Whatever happened today still felt surreal.

She did not know Bryan Grayson,

Yet Bryan Grayson had given her a diamond card

The diamond card had several privileges, including a ten percent discount and three free meals every month. How was it different from eating for free?

Soon, James had come up with a concoction.


“Yeah?” Thea jerked back to reality.

James said, “Come on. Let’s apply some medicine to your wounds. I’ın sorry for what happened today. You only got humiliated because I left. I proinise it won’t happen again.” “It’s okay.” Thea was used to it. She tumed her face to him. “Let’s do it.”

James applied the medicine to her face before bandaging it.

Only after that did James take Thea home. In the living room at Benjamin’s house.

This time, Gladys was all smiles, treating Thea with much warmth. She served Thea tea and water, attending to her as if she was a princess.

Benjamin hugged the transfer agreement to his chest, grinning stupidly.

“Thea, tell mne. What’s your relationship with Bryan? He’s a rich, influential young man from a powerful family in the Capital! Did you get to know him when you had your pretty looks? If so, divorce James when you recover your looks once inore Marry Bryan instead! I’ll be so proud and excited to have such a powerful son in-law!”

Gladys had a yearning look on her face.

She was still thinking about how much power Bryan had. He cven had the authority to rough up a member of the Wilson family. How cool was that! If he became her son-in-law, she would be laughing in her dreams. “Mom, I don’t know him.” Thea was exasperated. She was still trying to figure out why Bryan had treated her the way he did.

She suspected that James had something to do with it. After all, Celestial partnered up with Eternality because of him.

However, James told her that only happened because he had saved Alex’s life when he was a soldier,

Now, James was saying that he did not know Bryan at all.

Alyssa got jealous as she saw how warm Gladys was toward Thea. She grabbed David and said, “Come on, let’s go to our room.” “Thea, show me The Gourmand’s diamond card. Let me take a good look at it. I haven’t seen it before.”

Resignedly. The showed it to her mom.

Gladys took it and inspected it from all angles. “Tsk tsk, it’s made from real diamonds! It’s so heavy. This card must be worth a fortune! Thank God for you, Thea. Even The Gourmand’s owner came to greet you himself. I’ll be the talk of the town for a long time because of this. I’ll finally be able to gain some standing in my own family too.” James looked resigned as well.

From a different perspective, he understood Gladys.

She had married an unambitious husband. Her daughter used to be completely disfigured. It was a iniracle she escaped having a mental breakdown.

Even though she knelt to Belinda, it was for the family.

At any rate, she was better than David and Alyssa, who slipped away as soon as they discovered that something was wrong. And then there was Benjamin, who was so scared that he could not utter a single word.

That was tough for Gladys.

He shook his head slightly. Thanks to the shares and the diamond card, Thea’s social standing improved in

the family. Gladys stopped calling her useless and a curse. After getting Gladys’ approval, Thea was happy. Over the next few days, James stayed at home with Thea. He only accompanied her for medicine adjustments when it was required. The medicine he used was expensive and precious. Furthermore, he was concocting it himself, and the effects were marvelous. Three days later, Thea removed the gauze, All her wounds had recovered, leaving no scars at all.



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