The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 38

Chapter 38 In the foyer of the Callahans’ villa.

Gathered were three generations of the Callahans and some of their more important relatives.

The five armies were being restructured. The Blithe King of the West Border was dispatched to Cansington, assuming the role of the commander-in-chief of the five armies. This sent Cansington and even the five regions into a frenzy.

The Blithe King’s succession ceremony was imminent. This time, the ceremony would be public. There were some seats available, but only the truly rich and powerful would be able to secure them. All the important families in North Cansington, Cansington, South Chyna, Ocean City, and Coastal Heaven were eyeing the seats. All of them wanted to be there. It was the ultimate symbol of wealth and power. Attending the ceremony would indicate that they were truly powerful. According to rumors, the Blithe King’s succession ceremony would be held the next day. Apparently, there were only a hundred seats available for the public. The rest of the seats belonged to internally-approved members only. However, there was no announcement regarding the time of the ceremony yet. Regardless, several families in the five regions were trying to get their hands on the limited seats.

Lex was one of them.

He had dreamed of becoming an upper-class family for so long. As this was an excellent opportunity, he was not passing it up that easily. As such, he called for a family meeting so they could put their heads together. Basically, all the Callahans were there.

The only ones still absent were Thea’s family.

“Grandfather, Thea and her family are becoming too cocky. Ever since you gave them the shares, their behavior has taken a turn for the worse. Now, how dare they be late for a family meeting? They’re out of control!” Howard’s son Tommy was trying to stir up trouble again. Howard and his family had been unhappy since Thea requested the shares.

To give Benjamin the shares, Lex had taken some of Howard’s.

Now, Howard had fewer shares than Benjamin. “I agree, grandfather. I think giving them ten percent of the shares is too much,” Megan chimed in unhappily. “How dare they request for something so absurd? Is it just because Thea slept with the chairman of Celestial?” “Sir, I suggest that we revoke Benjamin’s shares.” “They don’t even contribute to the family. They don’t deserve it.”

“Yeah! Over the years, they’ve lived off us. And now, they want shares?”

The Callahans took turns voicing their opinion.

Wearing a suit, Lex puffed on a tobacco pipe. He did not want to give Benjamin the shares either.

Benjamin was the most useless among his three sons. Benjamin’s son, David, was the most useless among all his grandchildren as well.

However, if he refused, they would lose the partnership with Celestial. As a result, they would lose the opportunity to become an upper-class family.

Lex waved a hand. “That’s enough. I’m not senile. I know what I’m doing.”

Howard was sitting down to one side, not saying a word. Getting the young ones to slander Thea and her family was his idea. As Lex did not take the bait, he started to scheme again.

He wanted the shares back.

John and his family remained silent as well. They did not have many shares to begin with, so it made no difference to them. Just then, Thea and her family arrived. “Sorry we’re late, dad,” Gladys apologized as soon as she stepped in. Everyone looked at Thea and her family. When they saw Thea’s face recovered once more, they were shocked. What had happened? It had just been a few days. How had Thea recovered again? At Cansington Hotel, they saw Trent carve up her face with their own eyes. Now the wounds were healed, and there were no scars? No one knew what happened, but they were angry when they saw Thea.

To the Callahans, Thea was a jinx. A curse. For the past ten years, the Callahans were known for having the ugliest woman in Cansington in their family. They became a laughing stock and a complete embarrassment.


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