The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Tommy was the eldest grandson in the lamily, that was why everybody spoke up for him when he was attacked. 

In the heat of the moment, James became the public l’illy, und so did Benjamin’s family. 

Once again, Thea was the target of the ugliest insults 

There were requests for Lex to revoke Benjamin’s shares, too. Tommy was elated with all these people on his side 

He looked at James with an expression that sand, ‘You’re just a nobody in the Callahan family. Hitting me was the riskiest move you could make! 

Lex’s face was colored with rage. He was upset about the drama that unfolded during an important family meeting 

Gladys slapped James on his head before he could say anything. “You b*stard, kneel down right now.” 

To their surprise, James raised his leg and gave Tommy a solid kick in the gut. It sent him two meters away, crashing into the couch and crying, in the most miserable sight. “James…” Thea was getting scared now. She wanted to kneel and apologize right after that, yet James held her up from the floor. 

“Outrageous!” Lex, extremely mad, bolted up from his seat and ordered, “You’ve crossed the line. From now on, you’re no longer a son-in-law of the Callahan family! Leave.” “Say sorry, please.” Thea pulled on James’s shirt hard. 

“James, apologize now, you piece of trash.” Gladys would not stop with the scoldings. She got her share of the family business with her sweat and blood. She was not going to let James anger Lex by hitting Tommy, thus revoking their shares. “He isn’t worth my apology,” James said calmly. “You…” Lex was shaking and panting from anger. 

“Grandpa, please calm down.” Megan held Lex and patted his back to soothe him. “Don’t waste your energy on a lowlife like him. Let’s just make him leave. 

He must’ve also been enabled by Benjamin to act with such disrespect.” “Yeah,” someone agreed, “Benjamin thinks he’s all that after getting his 10%. He isn’t respecting you at all. He might be telling people that he’s the head of the family now.” 

Gladys looked like she was to explode with anger. She hated James to death. 

Benjamin, throughout all of this, kept quiet at the side of the room as if it had nothing to do with him. 

“Thea, this place isn’t worth us staying. Let’s leave together.” James pulled Thea’s hand, trying to leave. However, Thea was on the verge of crying. She became the ugliest woman in Cansington and disgraced her family. Her only wish was to be accepted by her family. Now, her only chance to do so was ruined by James. She was thankful to James for saving her appearance. However, she felt nothing but hatred toward James right now. He caused her to be insulted by her family again. 

This time, she screamed, “James, is it that hard for you to apologize for your mistakes? You’re a soldier, not a big shot!” When he saw tears welling up in Thea’s eyes, James’s heart ached.


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