The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 45

Chapter 45 “The Oswalds are the best.”

“That goes without saying. Their business, Grandeur Pharmaceuticals, is one of the biggest in Cansington. Colson’s father Stefon Oswald is a social butterfly. He has a lot of connections.”

“Thank god Colson is with us, or else we would never get an invitation.”

“Megan got herself the right boyfriend. Look at how he’s helping her family.” The Callahans were flattering Colson, almost making him trippy. “It’s just a small contribution.”

Just when everybody was bathing in the celebratory mood over getting an invitation, James and Thea entered the house, followed by Gladys, Benjamin, David, and Alyssa. Their presence made the atmosphere drop to a low. Megan stood up, rather bothered. “What are you doing here?” Thea called, “Megan, sis…” Megan screeched, berating her, “Don’t regard me as your family.”

Lex’s wonderful mood was spoiled by seeing Thea’s family in his mansion, especially when he saw James, this arrogant son-in-law that dared to disrespect him. He was not even from his bloodline. “Go away.” He pointed to the exit. “Grandpa, James had his friends from the military request the Western border patrol to send us an invitation. I came to make sure if we have received it already.”

Everybody’s eyes were on Lex, waiting to watch how he responded.

“Huh…” Before Lex could even speak, Tommy talked over him, “You’re saying James made the Western border patrol send us this invitation? Are you even serious? This is clearly the Oswalds helping us, and Colson was the one who made all of this happen.”

“He’s right.” Megan sneered at James. “How can a small soldier like you be connected with the executives in the Western border patrol? You only came to take credit once the invitation is here. How shameless of you.”

James said nothing to the insults. He just stared at Colson who was sitting on the

couch, cross-legged. Colson glared back at him, yelling, “What are you looking at, dumb*ss?” “Shame on you!” “Why can’t he just acknowledge the Oswalds and stop stealing their credit for getting us an invitation? He’s such a loser.” “Yeah. If Colson wasn’t here to defend the Oswalds, he would’ve gotten what he wanted.”

The Callahans quipped nasty comments about James, without forgetting to prop Colson up at the same time.

Gladys could not stand the criticisms anymore. She smacked James on his head and demanded, “You fool, you’re einbarrassing us again. What are you waiting for? Leave now!”

Thea was filled with sadness once more.

She thought James would actually help her impress her grandfather. However, he only came to claim the Oswalds’ work after seeing the Western border patrol sending them their invitation. “James, I’m so disappointed in you!” She ran out of the mansion crying. “Thea!” Gladys followed her out. David and the others could not bear to stay, either. They left in a hurry. James looked at the Callahans and broke into a disheartened smile. “Huh, you guys really need to look at yourselves in the mirror. Fine… it was the Oswalds, right? Let’s see how you’re going to attend the ceremony tomorrow.”

He turned and left after saying that Outside the Callahan mansion, he took out his phone and called Henry. “Tell the Blithe king to void the invitation he sent to the Callahans.”

Henry could not figure out what James was up to, but he did as he was told and informed the Blithe King about this.


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