The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 47

Chapter 47

“Buy that newly built trade center in Cansington.” “What?”

Henry stared at James in shock.

The Trade City Center was a newly built commercial city. In it, there were over 50 buildings that were 50 floors tall, as well as a night market, a pedestrian zone, and an antique street.

The city center was complete. It was a joint effort from several real estate tycoons to turn it into the grandest commercial city in the country.

“What? Do we not have enough money? Then use our connections to do so.”

Henry stared at James. “Just what are you planning, boss?” he could not help but ask. “We have around two hundred billion if we added our funds together, but do you know how big that commercial city is? Just the land it’s built on is worth a fortune! I heard the real estate tycoons invested around five hundred billion into the place. It took them five years to finish construction.” James did not care for the details. “Just tell me how much it’s going to cost.”

Henry thought about it. “Well, they invested five hundred billion into it. Even at the lowest price with them not turning a profit, we’d need at least six hundred billion.”

“Buy it. If there’s not enough, get the rest of the six hundred billion from the wealthy at the southern border as soon as possible. Just get me the Trade City Center.”

“That’s not a small amount of money. I might have to make a trip to the southern border myself.”

“Go.” James waved.

Meanwhile, in the Callahans’ home.

“Why are you still hesitating, Thea? Just divorce James already!”

“That’s right, sis. Even being Alex Yates’s mistress is better than being with that retired soldier!” The family surrounded Thea, urging her to divorce James. “I’m tired. I’m going to bed,” Thea said, then left to go to her room.

She sat on the bed, lost in thought. Thea had grown used to James being by her side. Now that he was gone, she felt somewhat lost, as if something important had disappeared. She knew James only wanted to make her happy, but it backfired and humiliated her in front of her family.

She pulled her phone out, intending on calling James so she could tell him to come home. Instead, she paused before hitting the call button and huffed. “Why should I do that? He’s the one that made a mistake. He should be the one that calls me to beg for forgiveness. Why should I call him?”

With that, she tossed her phone onto her bed in annoyance. However, she glanced at her phone sporadically, hoping he would call. A minute passed, then ten minutes. Thirty minutes. An hour. Three hours. Thea waited until one in the morning, but James never called. He never even sent a text. She paced furiously around the room, cursing him for being a heartless man.

After James told Henry to buy the Trade City Center, Henry went overnight to the Southern Plains to collect some money. The Southern Plains was on a border, with lots of small powers in it. These small powers were rich in precious ores and minerals, so the wealthy were not rare there. Getting several hundreds of billions from them would not be a difficult task.

The purpose of James returning was for both gratitude and vengeance. He had been by Thea’s side all this time and had neglected to deal with The Great Four. Apart from killing Warren and Trent Xavier, he had not done anything else. He decided to look for Rowena Xavier while Thea cooled off and get the whereabouts of Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge out of her. In the Xaviers’ remaining villa. It was dawn, so the villa’s lights were off. Outside the building, a silhouette appeared.

The person wore a black overcoat and a black ghost mask, melting into the shadows like an apparition.


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