The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 59

Chapter 59

The lieutenant had just saluted Lex, so why did he throw Lex out the next second? The Callahans stared blankly when

they saw this, not knowing what to do.

“How dare you fake an invitation from the Blithe King? We’ll release you since you’re a first-time offender.Otherwise, you’ll

be executed,” the lieutenant said coldly.

Lex ignored his aching body.He stood up pitifully and looked at Stefon.

Loudly, he said “Stefon, help me.The Western Border Patrol delivered the invitation to us in person because of you..”

Stefon wanted to wash his hands clean of Lex as soon as he heard that Lex had a counterfeit invitation.

Immediately, he said “Don’t go making any accusations, Lex.What has your fake invitation got to do with me?”

Lex panicked, looking around for someone else to help him.His eyes landed on Colson, walking over to him pitifully.He

grabbed Colson’s hand and begged

“Colson, say something.Please help me..”

Colson panicked as well.How would he know what was going on? An idea came to him suddenly.

Hurriedly, he said “Grandfather, did you offend someone? I promise you that the invitation is genuine.You must have

offended someone important to get treated this way..”

“I-I didn’t..”

Lex was so anxious he almost cried.

“Ah, I know.The firecrackers must have made the Blithe King unhappy.Grandfather, didn’t I tell you to keep a low profile?

You wanted all the pomp instead,” Colson said while smacking his forehead.

Lex agreed with Colson.He regretted everything in that instant.

If he knew that this was going to happen, he would not have put on such a lavish display.

Those who wanted to cozy up to Lex earlier were now looking at him disdainfully.

At the end of the Callahans’ fleet.

James sat in the driver’s seat.

In the passenger seat, Thea glanced at James.She looked confused.

“Jamie, was this what you were referring to when you said we would see grandfather make a fool of himself? You knew

this was going to happen, didn’t you? What’s going on?”

James smiled.

“I wasn’t lying last night.I had my superior get in touch with certain people, which was why the Western Border Patrol sent

an invitation to the Callahans.Since someone else took credit for it, I called my superior again.I requested that the

Western Border Patrol invalidate the Callahans’ invitation..”

“Haha, great job, James! Excellent!”
In the back seat, Gladys started cackling.
Even though it was her father getting barred, she felt happy.She could not help but praise James.

“This stubborn old man believes anything anyone tells him.Hmph. What have the Oswalds got to do with this? Serves him right for disregarding my son-in-law’s efforts!” Thea was speechless. “Mom, that’s grandfather we’re talking about.How can you say that?” “So what? He’s just a stubborn old man.He’s always been biased toward Howard and John.What about your dad, eh? I’m pleased that he’s suffering.What are you going to do about it?” James smiled slightly.He turned and looked at Thea. “Thea, do you want to go for the Blithe King’s succession ceremony?” Huh?

Thea was stunned.

She asked “C-can we still go? The Callahans’ invitation is now void..”

James chuckled and tapped the steering wheel.

“Didn’t I tell you? This car belongs to a VIP.Let’s put it this way.My superior’s friend is the VIP’s driver.He’s not in

Cansington at the moment, so I begged my superior to let me drive the car.With this car, the Western Border Patrol would

definitely let us pass..”

“Are you sure?”

Thea was not sure she believed him.

“What are you waiting for? Go!”

Gladys believed James, hitting him on the head.


James smiled and put the car into drive, honking the horn as he went. Beep!

Just as everyone witnessed Lex getting thrown out, a horn sounded from the end of the Callahans’ fleet.

A multi-purpose vehicle without a license plate appeared.

As soon as the car moved, Gladys wound the window down and poked her head out, looking at all the millionaires.

They were dumbfounded.

What were the Callahans playing at? They were approaching in a car and honking the horn in front of so many soldiers.

Were they planning on driving right into the military region?


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