The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 61

Chapter 61

There were many fully-armed soldiers and a high-ranking lieutenant at the military region’s entrance.

However, all of them stood ramrod-straight, not moving a muscle.

The lieutenant did not take any action.

Instead, he walked off to the side and made a phone call quietly.

In a hushed voice, he said “Sir, I’ve thrown Lex Callahan out, but the Black Dragon’s car is here.The Callahans are blocking his way.They don’t seem to know James’ true identity.What should I do now?”

“Just do your job.Ignore the rest..”
“Yes, sir..”

After speaking to the Blithe King, he continued to wait at the entrance.He did not check the invitations either.

In the face of the Callahans’ insults, James was speechless.

What is it to you if I drive in? He wound down the window and craned his head out, looking at the scowling Callahans.

Some of them had even climbed onto the bonnet.

In a resigned tone, he said “Hey, what are you doing? Just because you can’t get in doesn’t mean that I can’t get in.Where’s the rule that says no one can drive in?”

Just then, a car approached.

The license plate was CANO0001.

As soon as they saw the car, the Callahans stood aside.

The soldiers at the entrance saluted and allowed the car to pass.

Seeing this, James pointed to the car, saying “See? That’s a car..”

“James, are you stupid?”

Sitting on the bonnet, Tommy shouted viciously.

“That’s the mayor’s car.Who do you think you are? Get out now..”

Gladys was slightly shaken.

Quietly, she asked “James, are you sure this will work?”

Confidently, James said “Don’t worry, mom.I’ll make you proud.I promise we’ll be able to drive in.If I fail, I’ll divorce Thea..”

“How dare you,”

Thea bit out.

Gladys regained her confidence.

Looking at all the Callahans, Gladys pinned her gaze on Lex, looking pale. Smiling, she said “Dad, did you get thrown out? Didn’t the Oswalds help us get an invitation? What’s going on? If you’ve been barred, get into James’ car.Let James take you in..”

“Piece of trash.What an embarrassment,”

Lex fumed.

“From now on, Benjamin and his family have nothing to do with the Callahans.Make way, all of you.Let them do whatever they want!”

The Callahans finally stepped aside.

All of them looked at James, Thea, and Gladys mockingly.

They looked like they were watching a clownfest.

James approached the entrance.

As soon as they saw the car, everyone at the entrance stood up straight,

saluting neatly.

James wound down his window and looked at the lieutenant.

Smiling, he asked “You there.What’s your name?”

The lieutenant was stunned for a moment before he straightened up and answered “General, I’m a lieutenant under the Blithe King.My name is Daniel Highsmith..”

“Daniel Highsmith, eh.Very well.You’re excellent at your job.I’ll say some nice

things about you to the Blithe King.You’ll get promoted soon enough..”

“Thank you, sir..”

Everyone was shocked, including the Callahans.

James drove right into the military region with everyone watching.

Lex came to his senses, trying to catch up with them.He shouted as he ran “James, wait for me! Wait for me!”

However, he ran too quickly, causing him to slip and fall.By the time he got up,

James’ car had completely disappeared.He wanted to follow James but the soldiers blocked him.

“What are you doing? Do you know who that was? That’s my grandson-in-law!”

Lex straightened up.

“Throw him out,” Daniel said again.

Lex got thrown out once more.


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