The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 67

Chapter 67

“There’s wine and cigars.Benjamin, sell them to the kiosks outside our area tomorrow.Let’s see how much we can get for them..”

Benjamin, who had been silent all this time, answered his agreement.

“Mom, is this necessary? We’re family.Why make things so awkward?” Thea asked in a small voice.

“What do you know?” Gladys shouted.

“I’ve had enough. This is excellent! Now, I don’t have to play by their rules anymore.And David, you’d better buck up.Forget about your job at Eternality and get a new job.We’ll be fine without the Callahans..”

“Okay,” David answered quietly, hanging his head.

James yawned.He had not slept a wink after all the excitement last night.

“Thea, Pl be taking a nap in our room..”

Thea waved her hand.

“Go on..”

After that, she took her phone out and watched the live stream of the Blithe King’s succession ceremony.

James entered Thea’s room.He had been staying in her room for a while now, but he had always slept on the floor.

Instinctively, he reached for the mat inside their wardrobe, but since Thea was outside and would not be using the room, he fell onto the bed without further thought.

At the Callahans’ villa.

Pitifully, the Callahans returned.

Lex started smoking.

All the other family members looked furious.

They blamed Benjamin, insulted Gladys, and made ill remarks about the family.

“Enough!” Lex roared.

Everyone shut up immediately.

Lex took a drag from his pipe and said “Transfer twenty percent of the shares to Benjamin and his family.Wait till after they’ve cooled down to send the contract over.Howard, be sure that you deliver it by hand.You have to earn the entire family’s forgiveness..”

The Callahans panicked hearing this.

“Dad, are you insane? Twenty percent! How could we give it to them just like that?”

“Exactly, grandfather! On what grounds? The entire family is useless.We built this business from the ground up.Why should we give it to them?”

“What? Are you disobeying me?” Lex roared.

“I’m not dead yet.As the head of the family, I decide who gets the shares.And get Thea.Howard, make her executive chairman once more.You’ll assist her.Ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship with Celestial.As long as we’re on good terms with Celestial, our business will only improve..”

“Yes, dad..”

Howard looked down.

Even though he was unwilling, he knew that his father’s words were law. Lex continued “My eightieth birthday is coming up in a few days.I want the banquet to be at Cansington Hotel.Pull whatever strings you can and reserve an entire floor.Make it as grand as possible and send invitations to all the VIPs we know..” Howard could not help but ask “Dad, how much are we planning to spend on this?”

Lex thought about it before saying “Thirty million.Howard, you’re in charge of this.I want it to be a lavish affair.Cansington should know that we’re not some second-rate family, but a true upper-class family.Do you understand?”

“Yes, dad.I’ll do as you say..”

Howard nodded, happy as a lark.

With thirty million dollars available for the banquet, he could sneak a few million into his own account.

No one would be the wiser.

“Alright, that’s all..”

Lex waved an arm, getting to his feet and heading upstairs.

After he left, the rest of the Callahans came together.

Quietly, John said “Bro, with dad giving Benjamin twenty percent of the shares and making Thea executive chairman, I think he’s grooming her to be his heir..” Howard glanced at him. “What are you saying, John?”

John said “I’m worried for you, bro.As the eldest son, you should be the heir.At dad’s age, he hasn’t got much time left.If he dies, won’t all our assets go to Thea?”

Howard waved his hand, saying”John, this is dad’s decision to make.We should support him instead of going against him.As for who’s the heir, dad has the final say, got it?”


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