The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 68

Chapter 68

It was a big day in Cansington today.The Blithe King would officially be the commander -in-chief of the five armies.

Three of The Great Four’s patriarchs were tied to chairs and beheaded.

Their heads went missing.

All the Xaviers planned to evacuate Cansington.

However, James saw this coming.

He sealed off sea, land, and air travel, effectively cutting off The Great Four’s escape routes.

None of them would be allowed to leave Cansington.

After the Blithe King’s succession ceremony, an official announcement was made to explain the murders.

Choosing a prisoner on death row, the authorities put the ghost mask James used on him.

They then executed him publicly by shooting.

They covered up the matter temporarily.

Among The Great Four, the Xaviers were completely destroyed.

They would never be able to make a comeback ever again.

The other three families had only lost their patriarchs, but they were still on edge.

Reaching out to all their connections, they tried their best to figure out who they had wronged.

Some predicted that it was the Blithe King’s doing.

It was a warning that he was coming after them.

Rumors were rife.

James, on the other hand, was sleeping soundly at Thea’s.He slept through the morning till afternoon.

At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Thea entered her room.

She saw James splayed across the bed.It was colder in the room.

She was worried that James would catch a cold, so she went to him and covered him with the blanket. Instantly, James flipped over, grabbing Thea by the neck with lightning speed. “Ah….” Thea’s scream alerted him.He released her immediately. Apologetically, he said “I’m sorry, Thea!” Thea rubbed her neck, which had turned red.She looked angry.

“What was that for?”

James looked embarrassed.He was used to guarding the border.

It was a dangerous place to be as lives could be lost anytime.

Even when asleep, he was always on high alert.

The softest noise would wake him up.

“Occupational habit..”

James rubbed his head and looked at Thea, who was still touching her neck.

Tenderly, he asked “Are you alright?”

“Pm okay..”

Thea was uninjured.It was just that James was too vigilant.

If they lived together, what were the odds that he would choke her to death one day?

“I’m sorry..”

James looked apologetic.

Thea narrowed her eyes at him, asking”What were you doing last night? You slept through the entire morning..”

“I was worried that you’d be angry, so I couldn’t sleep,”

James lied smoothly.

If Thea found out that he murdered the patriarchs of the three families…

Thea found it endearing, but she put on her best poker face.

“I don’t believe you.You didn’t even call once! You must have been with another

woman..”James promised”I wasn’t..”

Thea pouted.

“Fine.I believe you.Come with me to the job fair later on.I’m looking for a new job..”

Now that she was on bad terms with her family, she could no longer work at Eternality.

Even though she was looked down upon and ridiculed throughout the years, she was still motivated.She pursued her academics, enrolling in a variety of courses.She had dreams and hopes.She did not want to waste away at home.

“why don’t we talk about it later on?” James said.

He was planning to purchase the trade center in the city.It would attract several big organizations in the future, and James had plans to set up his own as well.

During the two weeks as Eternality’s chairman, Thea did an excellent job.


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