The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 69

Chapter 69

“Sure, why not? I’ve saved up some money from my time in the military..”

“I’m not in the habit of spending a man’s money..”

“Alright then..”

James did not say anything else.

If Thea wanted to work, she should.

At any rate, he was still in the planning stage, unsure when it would come together.

“Go wash your face.I’m going to get changed..”

“Okay.” James nodded and left the room.

There was no one in the living room.

Everyone else had probably gone out.

Having just woken up, James washed up clearly in the bathroom.

Then, he waited for Thea in the living room.

Soon, Thea emerged from her room with a change of clothes.

Thea wore a crisp white shirt with a pencil skirt and high heels.She looked like a successful woman.She had an excellent figure too.

With her long, black hair hanging down her back, she looked like a mature,

capable lady.

“You’re gorgeous..”

James complimented Thea, looking at her like she was a piece of perfect art. Thea pirouetted on the spot, smiling slightly.

“What do you think?”

James gave her a thumbs-up.

“Beautiful.What did I ever do to deserve such a beautiful wife?”

Thea turned her mouth up.

“Don’t be so smug.I wouldn’t have married you if you hadn’t healed me.Mom’s right.If you open up a beauty salon, business would be booming.I wouldn’t need to go to work then.I could just stay at home and enjoy life as a rich lady..”

James rubbed his chin.

Arich lady? He had never calculated his worth before this, but he discovered that he had more than two hundred billion worth of assets yesterday.He was no doubt the wealthiest man in Cansington.

However, he sent Henry back to the Southern Plains to bring in more income so he could purchase the city’s latest trade center.

“Don’t worry, darling.I’ll make sure you become a rich lady one day..”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.Let’s go.It’s almost three o’clock now.Any later and we’ll miss all the big organizations’ job offers..”


James got up.

They left the house together.

Thea did not own a car.

James did, but that was the Black Dragon’s vehicle.He did not want to use it.

As such, they got on to the electric to the job fair nearby.

Thea sat behind James, hugging his waist.

She leaned her head against his back, a blissful smile on her face.

Leading a simple lifestyle, they had no Macardi-Ban or BMV.

However, this was better than riding in a Ban or a BMV.

This way, they had the opportunity to enjoy the breeze and be closer to nature.

“Jamie, tell me about your time in the military..”

Riding the bike, James smiled.

“There’s ten years’ worth of stories.I could spend ten whole days telling you, and

I still wouldn’t be done.Let’s save it for another time, okay?”

“I’m just curious.You’re a soldier.How did you get into the field of medicine?”

“Cansington’s the capital of medicine.All the doctors are here.I grew up at an

orphanage where the director used to be a doctor, who’s the type to keep to

himself.I picked up a few things from him when I was young, mostly home

remedies.My skills are nothing to shout about.Henry’s skills are amazing.If he

wasn’t keen on keeping a low profile, he’d be famous by now..”

“Really? Who’s better? Henry or Christine Fallon?”

“Who’s Christine Fallon?”

“And you claim to know so much about medicine.How could you not know who

Christine is? You know who Jay Fallon is, right? He’s the best doctor in

Cansington and the president of the Doctors’ Association.Christine is his

granddaughter, who’s even better than he is..”

James really did not know.He was the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains.

How would he know these people?


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