The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Thea placed her resume on the table. Just then, the man raised his head. Seeing Thea, he was surprised. “Hold on.” “Huh?” Thea was about to leave after handing in her resume, but she stopped and looked at the recruiting manager of Ella Corporation. She asked, “Is there anything else?” Hank Wilson stared at Thea, giving her a once-over. His expression turned greedy. He had never seen a more beautiful woman. Hank pointed to the chair, saying, “Take a seat. Let’s talk.”

“Okay.” Thea sat. “Which position are you applying for?” “I’m applying for the position of fashion designer.” “Do you have any related work experience?” “No.” Hank frowned, saying, “Sweetheart, this won’t do. Do you know who we are and what our designers represent?” As he spoke, he leafed through her resume. “You graduated from a second-rate local fashion design academy and you don’t have any Pxperience yer.” He shook his head slightly “Do you know? Everyone applying for this job is an international graduate from a top university. Furthermore, they have years of experience, having worked at several well-known companies. Where’s your advantage?” Thea bad, “I may not have any work experience, but I understand fashion design just as well as then please give me a chance and grant me an interview in person. I’ll bring my sketches along Hank rubbed his chin and studied Thed His Laze landed on the smooth column of her neck. Slowly, his reyes traveled down Noticing the front of the shirt fit to burst, he swallowed.

Alter that, be pretended to read her resume once more Learning that she was the former executive chairman of Eternality Group, he knew who she was indletely She was Thea Callahan! Everyone was talking about them right now! This morning, the Callahans had made a complete tool of themselves. Lex faked an invitation to attend the Blithe King’s succession ceremony and got thrown out. The Callahans’ son-in-law James borrowed a special car for the occasion, which seemed cool. However, news spread fast. The car belonged to someone important. He was not around at the moment. James’ superior happened to know the driver of this person, so he pulled some strings and lent the car to James. Everyone said that as soon as the important person returned, all those involved would be dead, including the driver, James’ superior, and James himself. James must have had steel balls to pull off this stunt. “Thea Callahan, right? To be frank, you’re suitable for the job. How about this? Let’s meet tonight. I’ll share some insider tips about the interview with you. Oh, actually, we don’t have to wait. I’m almost done here. Let’s go somewhere to talk about this in detail.” “Sure.”

Thea was overjoyed. Quickly, she said, “Thank you so much.” “Don’t mention it. I’m indebted to the Callahans. Since you’re part of the family, I’ll help you. Let’s talk in private. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the interview and ensure that the job is yours.” + Hank started lying his *ss off. Most importantly, he had to get Thea to a hotel. Once they were there, Thea would be his to do as he pleased. Thea believed every single word Hank said. She honestly thought that the Callahans had helped him once, and now he was going to repay her. James squatted outside Ella Corporation’s recruitment booth, smoking away. Just then, he felt a wave of murderous intent wash over him. Instantly alert, he studied the crowd, his gaze landing on one person in particular. “It’s her James frowned, “Why is she in Cansington?” Since Thea was not done yet, he only hesitated for a second before tailing the woman.


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