The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 79

Chapter 79 The Blithe King’s subordinates immediately went to make arrangements. Afterward, he instructed again, “Take all the surveillance camera footage within Ella Corporation. Comfort the families of those who James maimed, and give them whatever they need, whether it’s treatment or compensation. Detain all the security guards who saw James here today and get them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Everything they saw today better be taken to their graves. Otherwise, I’ll ensure they are held accountable if any word of today gets out ** Also, announce to the public that it was a joint exercise between the military and police forces.” The Blithe king made quick arrangements to take care of the matter. As for the deceased Hank, he had sent someone to investigate his identity but later found that he was from the Wilsons, one of the Great Four of Cansington. He sent personnel to inform the Wilsons personally, telling the family that he admired Hank and had recruited him for secret training as a special agent. Thus, Hank would not be able to return home for a short period.

In reality, his body was secretly taken to be cremated. James arrived home in the car prepared by the Blithe king. Everyone had gone out, and no one was at home. He carried Thea, who was asleep, to bed. Seeing that her clothes were soaked, a slight frown formed on his face. After an idle moment, he went to the closet and took out a dress. He walked to the bed again and changed Thea’s clothes. He was the legendary Dragon General of the Southern Plains and had never dressed a woman before. With his hands in a flurry, it took him nearly thirty minutes to change Thea’s clothes. To help Thea sleep peacefully, James massaged her corresponding acupressure point. Thea slept for several hours and only woke up in the evening. Getting up from bed, she rubbed her head. Remembering the previous events, her body trembled and she instinctively pulled on the quilt, shrinking into a corner. Then she realized that she was home, and she let out a sigh of relief “Thea, are you awake?” The door opened, and James who was dressed in an apron walked into the room. “I’ve made dinner.

We can eat when mom and dad are back.” “James,” Thea felt aggrieved and sobbed. James approached and sat beside the bed. Thea immediately leaped into his arms and cried out. “Everything’s alright. I arrived in time and nothing happened. The HR manager of Ella Corporation was arrested by the police and will probably be serving several years in prison.” Hearing this, Thea sighed in relief. ‘Fortunately, James arrived in time, or else the consequences would be disastrous. ‘Still, thinking back about it scares me,’ thought Thea. “Thank you, James.” “You have to be more cautious in the future. Men can’t help but be mesmerized by your beauty. This won’t do. I’ll have to follow you everywhere from now on!” Thea chuckled at Jame’s words. “My clothes. Did you change them?” Thea looked down at the dress she was wearing. “Yeah.” “Including my underwear?” “Uhm…” James scratched his head with an embarrassed expression. “You were soaking wet and I was worried you might catch a cold, so I changed them for you after we got home. I didn’t see anything. I dressed you with my eyes closed!” “Pfft, stupid. I’m your wife. Why would you have to close your eyes? By the way, I only remember you breaking into the office but can’t recall anything that happened after that. What happened?” James was enchanted by Thea’s smile. Her smile was like a blooming flower, so beautiful, so bright. ‘What’s the definition of an alluring smile? “The answer is probably a smile like hers.’


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