The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 8

Chapter 8

James shrugged. “What do you mean? I’m just an orphan. How could I possibly meet Alex Yates?”

“Oh, come on. What about the House of Royals then?”

James launched into an explanation. “How could I afford it? It belongs to a friend. We grew up together at the orphanage. He’s out of the country and knew that I needed a place to stay, so he graciously allowed me to stay there and look after the house for him.”

“Really?” Thea still looked doubtful.

“Of course. Why? Planning on divorcing me if the House of Royals isn’t mine? A little materialistic, aren’t you?”

“No!” Thea pouted. “You helped me recover and gave me a new lease of life. We’re married now, and I’m your wife. Money is not a problem. I’ll take care of us!”

“Thea, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!”

Just then, a woman rushed over and threw herself against the car window.

Her hair was a mess and her face was red and swollen. From the looks of it, she was just beaten up.

The woman was Jane Whitman.

Linus followed closely behind her. He yanked her hair violently and threw her against the car, hard.

“You btch! I lost my job because of you! I’ll kill you!” “James…” Henry started to say. James waved his hand. “It’s none of our business. Let’s go.” “Honey…” Thea looked at Jane, who was heavily injured. Worriedly, she asked, “Honey, will everything be okay?” James smiled at her. “They’re having a lovers’ tiff. We’d better not get involved.” “Thea, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you knew the chairman. Please help me.” Jane fell to her knees, begging Thea. After Linus had finished beating her up, he came to the front of the car. He took out a pack of cigarettes that cost a hundred dollars per packet and offered one to Henry. “Bro, no, kind sir, could you please wind the window down? Please let me speak to Miss Callahan.” Henry turned around to seek permission from James. James nodded lightly. Henry wound the window down. Linus moved to the back and offered a cigarette to James. James did not take it. Linus smiled awkwardly. “Miss Callahan, it’s my fault for not knowing how important you are to Mister Yates. Please do me a favor and tell him not to fire me.” He took an envelope out and offered it to Thea. “Here’s ten thousand dollars as a small gesture.” Thea looked at James. James put his arm around her and smiled. “Darling, let’s go. We have to show grandfather the contract. We’ll only be an official couple with his approval.” Thea understood, nodding in agreement. Furthermore, she did not know Alex Yates and could not help either of them. It was their own fault anyway. “Henry, let’s go.” “Got it.” Henry started the engine and drove off. “Thea…” Jane remained kneeling on the ground, crying her heart out. Thea ignored her. In the car, she stuck her tongue out at James, smiling mischievously. “Honey, do you think that both of them lost their jobs because of me?” James said, “Not entirely. Celestial’s a huge company, and they would never allow a worker like Linus to spoil their name. With the way he was abusing his power, it was only a matter of time before he got fired. All you did was hasten things along.” Thea felt relieved after hearing James say that. Soon, they reached the Callahans’. Ever since the Callahans learned that Thea had recovered her looks, they had made plans for her. Tommy had even invited a friend over, planning to introduce Thea to him. His friend was Joel Xavier, a playboy who had the world wrapped around his finger thanks to the wealth of his family. Just last night, the Xaviers had suffered a major blow with Warren’s death. Joel was indifferent about the whole matter. What could he do anyway? He could not bring a person back from the dead. Over the years, Warren had been in complete control of the family. He kept reducing Joel’s allowance as well. Now that he was dead, Joel’s father would be the new patriarch. Once his father was in control, he would be more important than ever. Furthermore, Warren’s funeral was simple and the family was not in mourning. According to Tommy, Thea had recovered her looks and was a great beauty. He was here to see how beautiful she was now, given that she was so ugly before this. In the villa, the Callahans swarmed around Joel, almost like they were worshiping a god. Tommy felt important. He sat on the couch with his legs crossed, saying, “Grandfather, Joel’s a good friend of mine. I’ve told him how pretty Thea is, which is why he’s here. Thea has to divorce James and become Joel’s girlfriend.” Lex smiled in agreement. “Of course. Young Joel Xavier here is a perfect match for our Thea.” The Callahans’ flattery went straight to Joel’s head and he reveled in it. This was what it was like being part of The Great Four in Cansington. Everywhere he went, there were people waiting to butter him up. “Grandfather.” Just then, Thea entered with James. As soon as she was in the house, she produced the contract. Happily, she said, “Here’s the contract with Celestial Group. Does this mean that James can stay?” Tommy bounded to his feet at once and pointed to Joel who was sitting on the couch. “Thea, let me introduce you to Joel Xavier. You know who the Xaviers are, right? The leaders of The Great Four? Why don’t you light a cigarette for him?” Joel almost started drooling at the sight of Thea. He had known Thea before when she was disfigured. Now that she was beautiful again, she looked just like a goddess. It looked like the trip to the Callahans’ was well worth it. Thea was much more beautiful than all the other women he had fooled around with. He swore that he would get Thea into bed. Thea glanced at Joel. His stare was making her extremely uncomfortable. “Who is he? I’m not lighting a cigarette for him.” “Watch your words,” Lex said coldly. “How could you speak to Joel like that? Apologize at once.” Joel waved a magnanimous hand. “Mister Callahan, don’t berate Thea. I love the stubborn ones. Also, what was that about getting an order from Celestial?” Tommy hastened to explain. It was then Joel noticed James, who was standing behind Thea. He had thought that James was the driver. Who knew that he was Thea’s husband, hand-picked by Lex? His expression darkened. “Mister Callahan, I want Thea. Annul the marriage immediately. Otherwise, all it takes is one phone call from me and the contract with Celestial will be void. Don’t forget that the Xaviers are Celestial Group’s closest business partner. We get the lion’s share before the orders are distributed among the other businesses.” James barely glanced at Joel. “I heard that Warren Xavier is dead. You’re a Xavier, no? Why are you here instead of mourning at home?” “Fck you.” Joel straightened up and grabbed James’ collar, raising his hand to slap him.

James blocked the slap. Gently, he pushed Joel away.

Even though James had barely used any strength, Joel still stumbled, falling onto the couch. That only made him angrier. He was part of The Great Four, used to everyone worshiping him. Now, this nobody was pushing him? Worse, who was he to mention his late grandfather?

Everyone knew about Warren’s death, but no one dared mention it.

Except for James Caden.

Joel produced a switchblade and threw it onto the ground. Coldly, he ordered, “Cut one of your own hands off and I’ll spare your life. Otherwise, I’ll kill you myself!”

Tommy stood up, grinning widely. “Joel, come sit down and have a cigarette. Calm down. It would be too easy to get rid of this piece of trash. Don’t hold back on our account. Even if he dies, no one would care. Once he’s dead, Thea will be yours.”

Thea was furious, her teeth grinding.

Joel sat down and gave James a death glare. “For what you said earlier on, you’re dead. No one will be able to save you.”

James smiled, ignoring all of them.

If they were not at the Callahans’, Joel would be dead by now.

Thea passed the contract to Lex in a subdued manner. “Grandfather, we did what you told us to. If we could get an order from Celestial, you’d acknowledge James as my husband. This order isn’t just worth thirty million. It’s worth a hundred million. Please take a look.”

“What? A hundred million?” Lex was shocked.

“Grandfather, you’ve got to hear this! The chairman of Celestial Group invited Thea to his office personally!” Just then, a girl stumbled into the room, her expression disbelieving.


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