The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 80

Chapter 80 James came back to his senses after a momentary daze. “You were unconscious when I arrived. I called the police and then the manager ” the police and then the manager got arrested.” James was worried that Thea would be traumatized by what had happened, so he calmly explained and comforted her. Thea was extremely relieved. She was glad she had read plenty of books and could use the knowledge to detect danger in advance Otherwise, she could not imagine the consequences had she not realized it. “Let’s go eat,” James urged Thea. She nodded her head obediently. James had already finished preparing the meal while Thea was asleep. The Callahans who went out had back just in time for dinner. They made a trip to the supermarket, and when they entered the house, they were discussing the joint exercise between the military and police forces.

“Tsk, tsk! The scene was so grand. There were dozens of cars and it was extremely imposing!” Gladys exclaimed as she remembered the scene with lingering fear. “Thea, don’t tell your parents about what happened. I’m scared they’ll be worried,” James whispered. “Alright.” Thea nodded. “Luckily nothing happened this time. Mom and dad would be worried if I told them about it,’ thought Thea. “Mom, what’s so exciting? What exercise happened?” Thea stood up and took the things that Gladys was holding “Just this afternoon, there was a joint exercise of the military and police forces outside Ella Corporation. A lot of people were dispatched there. I heard that even a higher-up like the Elithe king showed up. It’s a shame that I happened to arrive when they were leaving so I didn’t really get to see the grand appearance.” Thea was taken aback ‘A joint exercise outside the Ella Corporation?’ Thea glanced at James Jares shrugged and said, “I’ve no idea about it I didn’t see any joint military-police exercise when I brought you back.” Thea did not think much about it anymore “Mom, Dad Dinner is ready. We were waiting for you both to come home and eat together.

” The family entered the house. James immediately went to prepare the plates and utensils. During the meal. “Pfft… Are you trying to kill me, James? Don’t you know that I’ve been feeling unwell recently and can’t eat spicy food? Why did you add so much chili?” Alyssa Myers spat out the food on the table and complained. “Are you complaining that it’s too spicy? Then why don’t you cook? James kindly prepared the meal and waited for us to eat together, yet you’re being picky?” Gladys put down her utensils abruptly and scolded her. David hurriedly stopped Alyssa. “Mom…” Alyssa felt aggrieved and was about to burst out in tears. Her mother-in-law used to be very kind to her in the past, but now she was speaking for the son-in-law that married into their family. “I’ll be mindful not to add too much chili in the future,” James apologized. He did not want to cause a stiff relationship between the family since it would trouble Thea. “Go eat out if you think it’s too spicy!” Gladys picked up her utensil and put a piece of meat into Jame’s plate with a smile on her face. “James, I visited a few places and found a few nice locations with reasonable prices. We have enough money to open a clinic. We can use Thea to advertise our service. Even Thea was able to recover her beautiful appearance, so it’ll definitely attract a lot of customers. We’ll definitely have good business!” James was very helpless as he was not interested in opening a clinic. ‘When the clinic opens, those wealthy figures will definitely line up at the clinic. It’ll make me extremely busy!’ thought James.


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