The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Now, he simply wanted to stay by Thea’s side and enjoy a leisurely life. “Mom, we can make plans for it next time. Didn’t David mention that he wanted to buy a car? So don’t we use the money to buy him the car first? Plus, if I want to open a clinic, I’ve saved a little over the years, which should be enough.” A bright smile broke out on David’s face, and he hurriedly persuaded, “Mom, James is right. Let’s get a new car first! A luxurious car! It has to be at least a million dollars to look good when we’re out in it!” Immediately, instead of trash, David started calling him James because the latter spoke out for him. James nodded. “Yep, I won’t be needing the money. By the way, Thea seems to be very interested in fashion design. Why don’t we start a clothing company instead of a clinic? The commercial city will be looking for foreign investments. I can rent an office building as the company headquarters for cheap through some connections.” “You’re spouting nonsense.

I heard that the commercial city aims to become a global financial center. The rent and tenancy agreement fees around that area are ridiculously expensive. Do you even know how much money is required to start a company? We don’t have any connections, nor do we have money. So how are we going to start a company?” Thea immediately grabbed James and interrupted. James smiled and reassured her, “As for money, I’ll figure something out. We can take out loans or even borrow. If it’s something you like, I want to support you. Do you remember the place I took you to last time, the House of Royals? To tell you the truth, the owner of the House of Royals is one of my military comrades. We fought alongside each other through life and death situations. However, he climbed the ranks faster and reached a really high rank while I remained a normal soldier. I could ask my friend for help so these concerns won’t be a problem.” “What? The owner of the House of Royals is your friend?” Gladys’ eyes widened. The House of Royals was the most luxurious villa in Cansington.

It spanned an area of 30 acres and was the very definition of extravagant. The identity of the House of Royals’ owner had always been a mystery. Rumors were that the place was not one where you could live even if you had money. “Yeah, he used to be my military comrade, but now he is settling some affairs abroad and had temporarily handed the House of Royals to me. Thea, I want to hold our wedding there and make you the happiest bride in the world.” James nodded. “Halia Alnight… Before Thea could finish speaking, Gladys laughed joyfully and interrupted her “Do it! Hold the wedding at House of Royals! You better hold it soon! How about on the old man’s birthday? I heard the old man is spending thirty million to rent the Cansington Hotel to celebrate his eightieth birthday We will hold the wedding on the same day in the most glamorous and grand location of Cansington, the House of Royals! We will make that egotistic old man ini Although the House of Royals was not James’ property, it would be very impressive to be able to hold their wedding there even if it was through connections, David could not suppress his doubt and asked, “You’re not joking, right, James? You’re talking about the House of Royals, which is 30 acres big, the most luxurious and extravagant place in Cansington? The grand villa rumored to be more than three billion dollars?” “Yeah. Thea has been there before. That’s the one I’m talking about right now,” James nodded and replied “Do you really have such connections, James? Who is your military comrade?” “I was a soldier in the Southern Plains, and there was another person who went with me. He is the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains, the commander of the million-soldier Black Dragon Army.

His existence is on par with the Blithe King. The Black Dragon is the owner of the House of Royals. The commander takes good care of me and even allowed me to reside in the House of Royals temporarily.” “Pfft. The Black Dragon?” David immediately lost his interest in the topic. He simply thought that it was a lie. Thea rolled her eyes and said, “You’re going overboard with your lies. How could you be in such a bad position if you really know the Black Dragon and he’s looking after you? You even had to ask me for cigarette money.” “Right? That’s not how you boast about yourself. Do you know what people outside are saying about you? They say you asked your senior to use his connections so you could borrow a car to pretend to be wealthy. The driver, your senior, and you will be in deep trouble when the car’s owner returns. Just wait. You’re going to be in for a beating.” Alyssa sneered. Gladys had also heard of the rumors. “James, is what they say about you true? Will you be punished by law when this man returns?” Gladys asked worriedly. James had nothing left to say. He claimed to be military comrades with the Black Dragon, but already no one believed him. It would be even more unbelievable if he announced that he was the Black Dragon. Since they would not believe him, it was best he kept it hidden for the time being “Mom, it’s not that serious. At most, I’ll have to write a self-reflection report. Besides, I’ve been a soldier for ten years and saved my boss’s life before. We’ve also got a solid friendship so borrowing his car isn’t really a big deal,” he scratched his head and explained. Gladys siched in relief and patted her chest. “That’s good. By the way, is it really possible to hold your wedding at the House of Royals? It wouldn’t cause any trouble, right?” “It’s absolutely possible! The House of Royals is the Black Dragon’s residence. He is abroad for some business right now and won’t be coming back anytime soon Plus, I really am acquainted with him We even went on a mission lovether about eight years ago. Even though it was a long time ago, lue is very loyal. He always agrees to his soldiers’ requests as long as they aren’t too overboard. You can ask around if you don’t believe me He has a reputation of valuing and taking good care of his soldiers,” James reassured them. Knock! Knock! Knock! Suddenly, the sound of knocking came from the door. Howard’s family showed up at the door with a new share transfer agreement.


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