The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 86

Chapter 86 In just a few words, James had solved the internal conflicts within Thea’s family. At night. Thea’s room Thea was lying on her bed and turned to look at James, sleeping on the floor. Her heart palpitated as she thought of what had happened during the day. “James, is it cold on the floor?” “Huh? Oh, it’s alright,” James was deep in thought about the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge and Black Rose when he suddenly heard Thea’s voice and replied instinctively. “Then you can continue sleeping on the floor.” Thea turned around angrily. She initially wanted to let him join her in bed, but James was extremely dense. Oh… “Thea, I’m really cold.” James suddenly realized and pretended to tremble. However, Thea simply threw him a blanket. James knew that he missed a golden opportunity because he was not attentive. Still, he did not think too much about it since he appreciated what he had now. The night passed by silently. Thea’s family headed out early the next morning to purchase a new car with the two million from Thea. James did not go with them and chose to stay home to clean up. After the family left, James immediately dropped the broom and headed to Common Clinic.

Henry was back from the Southern Plains. The Southern Plains were close to the borders, and there were eighteen small countries. These countries were rich in ore resources. Thus, plenty of the people there were well-off. Henry was the deputy commander of the Black Dragon Army. He was only one position below the commander but above ten thousand soldiers, so it was easy for him to obtain money. After he returned to the Southern Plains, he spread the news that the Black Dragon needed some money. Soon, countless owners of gold mines, coal mines, diamond mines, and jadeite quarries personally delivered the money to him. There were hundreds of millions to billions of dollars being offered. Henry gathered enough money very soon and immediately returned to Cansington. James rode his little electric motorcycle and arrived at Common Clinic. Apart from Henry, there was also a woman with a s*xy figure and attractive face that showed up wearing black leather pants. She was one of the main members of the grave robbers at the border of the Southern Plains.

Black Rose “James,” Henry greeted. “Commander…” Seeing James approach, Black Rose immediately knelt. “The Black Dragon doesn’t exist in Cansington. You don’t have to be so polite. Just call me James,” James waved his hands and said. “Understood, Com… James!” Black Rose replied as she stood up. Then, she stepped aside. “Henry, have you got the money?” James sat down and asked. “Of course! I shared the news that the mighty Black Dragon needed money, and those rich businessmen came to deliver the money to us personally,” Henry said with a smile. “Alright. Since we’ve accepted their money, don’t forget to instruct the others to take care of them. Go ahead and help them with anything that is within our power.” James nodded. “I’ve already relayed the order. What should I do next, James?” James fell deep in thought. He wanted to purchase the commercial city, but since he and Henry had special identities, it would not be easy for them to run the errand personally. He cast his gaze toward Black Rose. Black Rose’s body trembled, and she could not help but kneel when he glanced at her. “What are you doing?” James frowned. ‘You’re looking at me all weird, and now you’re asking me what I’m doing?’ Black Rose was taken aback and thought to herself. However, she did not dare to say it to him. “Commander, I’ll accept your punishment.” “Who said I’m going to punish you? Speak on your feet.” Black Rose stood up and lowered her head, not daring to say a word. “Black Rose, what’s your real name?” asked James.


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