The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The girl was Tommy’s younger sister and Howard’s daughter, Megan Callahan.

As soon as she entered, she noticed Thea and James. She could not help staring at them.

She then approached Lex and showed him an article on her phone.

Lex saw an image of Alex bowing to Thea, his arm outstretched. He was gobsmacked.

That was Alex Yates, the chairman of Celestial Group.

In Cansington, even The Great Four had to play by his rules.

He snatched up the contract on the table and confirmed that it was indeed an order for a hundred million dollars. He burst out in laughter. “Ha ha, excellent job, Thea. You’re a Callahan through and through! It’s time for Eternality Group to shine!”

“What about James, grandfather?”

“What? Joel Xavier is here?” A middle-aged woman walked in.

It was Gladys, Thea’s mom.

She noticed Joel as soon as she entered and made a beeline for him, a big smile on her face. “You must be Joel. I’ve heard so much about you! What do you think of Thea? If you want her, she’s yours.”

“Mom.” Thea was so angry she stamped her foot. Looking at Lex, she almost burst into tears. “Grandfather, we did what you asked. We’ve got the order, and you have to keep your word.”


Joel looked disdainful. “So what if you’ve got the contract? As I said, all it takes to void this contract is one phone call.”

“How dare you…” Thea pointed at Joel angrily and looked at Lex, pleading with him. “Grandfather.”

Lex put the contract down.

He did not know why Alex Yates had dealt with Thea personally.

Then again, there was no denying that Celestial Group were close partners with the Xaviers. If they offended Joel, they could lose the contract. Furthermore, it was Thea, not James, who obtained the contract.

Puffing on his tobacco pipe, he said, “Thea, you obtained the contract. It has nothing to do with James at all. I stand by my decision. Divorce James and marry Joel.”

“That’s right.” Joel looked smug as if he knew that he had won. Once Thea was his, he would find a way to get rid of James.

He did not believe for a second that Lex Callahan would offend him for a nobody like James.

If they offended him, the Callahans would have a hard time.

Gleefully, Joel said, “A smart choice, Mister Callahan. My dad is about to become the head of the family. If you make me happy, you’ll get all the orders you want.”

“Honey…” Thea looked at James tearfully.

James looked at her, asking, “What do you want, Thea?”

Firmly, Thea said, “We’re married now. I’m your wife. Unless I’m dead, we’re not getting a divorce.”

James nodded and said, “Call Alex Yates and explain the situation to him. Let’s see if Joel was being truthful when he said he could void the contract. If Joel has that much power, then I think you’ll be happier with him. At any rate, it’s better than staying with a poor man like me.”

The Callahans looked at James with some admiration.

Lex smiled. “James, you’re a smart man. Don’t worry. I’ll keep my word. After the divorce, I’ll pay you five hundred thousand dollars.”

Thea did not know what James was thinking. She was worried that James felt like there was no other choice.

She held onto James’ hand tightly. “Honey, don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get to stay. If they try and throw you out, I’ll kill myself.”

“Call Alex Yates.”


Thea took out her phone and Alex’s business card.

Just as she was about to make the call, Gladys snatched the phone out of her hands. “Enough of this nonsense! This piece of trash has agreed to the divorce! Why are you still so stubborn? What good could possibly come of staying with him? Joel is so much better!”

Joel waved a hand, not having a care in the world. “Let her make the call so she’d give up. Thea, ask if Celestial wants to work with the Xaviers or the Callahans.”

Gladys obliged and passed the phone back to Thea.

Joel looked as if he had already won.

The Callahans were only a second-rate family in Cansington. There was no way Celestial would give up the partnership with the Xaviers.

The call connected.

“Mister Yates? It’s me, Thea Callahan. We signed a contract earlier on. Yes, it’s me. Joel Xavier said that he could void the contract that I just signed with you.”

In Alex Yates’ office.

Alex was furious. He shouted, “Joel? Which Joel? Joel Xavier? No one has the authority to void a contract that I signed.”

“The Xaviers’ Megatron Group. Joel also asked if you’d rather work with the Xaviers or Callahans.” Thea spoke in a small voice. The Xaviers were part of The Great Four after all, and the Callahans were a second-rate family.

“Okay, relax, Thea. Let me check and I’ll call you back right away.”


Thea hung up.

Joel looked smug. “How did it go?”

Thea said, “Mister Yates said that he’ll call me back.”

After Alex hung up, he conducted an investigation immediately.

He had never cared much about the company’s partnerships. The vice president usually handled it.

He summoned the vice president, learning that Celestial had just signed an agreement with the Xaviers’ Megatron Group which allowed them first dibs on orders.

“Walton, you’re fired! Pack your things and get lost!”

Alex ordered the business department to cancel all the orders with Megatron. From now on, Megatron would never get any of their orders.

Once he had made the necessary arrangements, he returned Thea’s call.

“Hi, Thea. I’ve figured out everything. We’ve canceled everything with Megatron. From now on, Eternality Group gets first dibs on our orders. Would that please you?”

Thea’s phone was on loudspeaker.

Everyone heard what Alex said.

They were in shock.

Joel was the only one laughing. “Thea, who did you call? He’s bold, isn’t he? What’s this about canceling everything with Megatron and working with Eternality? Only a fool would make this choice. Did you pay someone to pretend to be the chairman of Celestial?”

Joel spoke loudly and the loudspeaker amplified his voice. Alex heard everything clearly.

He lost his temper. “Joel Xavier, yes? From now on, the Xaviers are finished!”

After that, he lowered his voice and said, “Thea, don’t worry about the orders. No one would be able to cancel them. The Xaviers gave you trouble, eh? Hold on. I’ll take care of it immediately. The Xaviers will go bankrupt within half an hour!”

Alex hung up.

Then, he issued a string of orders. “I don’t care what you do. I want the Xaviers to go bankrupt within half an hour!”

Alex Yates was the chairman of Celestial Group.

Even though he hailed from the Capital, he was still a powerful man in Cansington.

If he wanted the Xaviers to go bankrupt, it would be done.

James looked pleased with the turn of events. Looking at Thea’s confused expression, he smiled. “Thea, I think Mister Yates is quite fond of you. Are you his goddaughter?”

Joel looked bored. How could the Xaviers go bankrupt within half an hour?

What a colossal joke!

Just then, he received a call from his father. “You little b*stard! What did you do? Celestial has canceled the partnership with Megatron!”

Joel was at a loss for words.


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