The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 90

Chapter 90 The people involved in the Cadens’ perish were core members of the Great Four, and ordinary family members had no access to such secrets. 

After the Cadens were destroyed, the Great Four never mentioned the incident. 

However, some rumors spread outside. 

Some people claimed that Nicholas took his life out of guilt. He ignited the fire in the Cadens’ villa and attempted to redeem the sins that he had cominitted with the flames. 

Some people also said that the Cadens had offended someone of authority and therefore were destroyed 

No one knew the truth. 

However, James issued them a death notice. 

Kneel for ten days and pay with their lives. 

How was it possible? 

These people were filthy rich with hundreds of inillions of assets and enjoyed inexhaustible wealth. It was already impossible for them to kneel for ten days, let alone take their own lives. 

The representatives of the families left Rowena’s ward one after another. 

Hector, Warren’s eldest son and Rowena’s eldest brother, hurried to the hospital. 

“Rowena, what’s the meaning of this? What’s with the kneeling for ten days and taking our lives?” Hector was flustered. 

“Hector, don’t ask. Just do as I say. Get all our brothers, second uncle, and fourth uncle to repent. A few should sacrifice instead of hundreds of Xaviers.” 

Rowena burst into tears. 

She deeply regretted her actions! 

Everything was because of her brother, Trent. 

She would have never approached Nicholas and married him, nor would she have broken up the Cadens just to get the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge if not for Trent. 

As for the whereabouts of Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge, she had no idea. 

The only person that knew the painting’s whereabouts was Trent, but he was already dead. “Rowena, what are you afraid of? Who is the survivor of the Cadens? Does he really have such immense power?” Hector asked repeatedly Kneel at the Cadens’ Cemetery for ten days and then kill himself? 

That was absolutely impossible! 

No one would agree to such a condition! Rowena burst into tears. “Sob…I can’t tell you anything. The more I say, the quicker the Xaviers will perish. There are so many Xavier family members. I don’t want them to die 

because of me talking too much.” 

Hector wore a serious expression. He knew his sister’s personality very well. She had endured so many tough situations throughout the years and had never been terrified of anything before. 

How scary was this man? 

“Rowena, let’s go ask the Blithe king for help. Trent was one of his confidants. Now that he is dead, the Blithe king will surely protect us for our brother’s sake.” 

“It’s useless. It’s really useless. The Blithe King would have taken action long ago if he wanted to help. Have you not realized that the person trying to destroy our family is an existence that even the Blithe King is cautious of?” Rowena cried out. 


Rowena’s words echoed in Hector’s head like thunder. 

He took several steps backward, and his face went pale. His heart palpitated, and he gasped for breath. 

“Impossible! That’s outrageous! The Blithe King is the commander of the Western border. He’s one of the Five Commanders. How is it possible for this person to be more terrifying than the Blithe King?” he exclaimed. 

Rowena shed tears and said weakly, “I’ve already said what I can. Whether to do it or not is up to you. I can’t even protect myself now and can no longer protect the Xaviers.” Meanwhile, the head of the other three families of the Great Four gathered together. 

Melvin, the head of the Frasiers, asked with a gloomy expression, “What do you think Rowena is so afraid of? The Xaviers have deep connections with the Blithe King since Trent was his confidant. So, why is she so scared?” 

Kelvin Wilson said indifferently, “I don’t believe his bluff! This survivor of the Cadens couldn’t possibly kill all the hundreds of people in the Wilsons!” 

The current head of the Zimmermans, Drake Zimmerman, agreed. “There’s nothing to be scared of. I’ve got a good relationship with Jerald of the underworld. He has thousands of men under him. I can pay him some money to guard the Zimmermans for a while.” It was too much to ask them to kneel at the Cadens’ cemetery for ten days and then redeem themselves with their lives. 

Now that the previous heads of the families were dead, it was their turn to call the shots. They had billions of assets in their pockets, so it was impossible for them to throw away their pride and kneel in front of a cemetery, let alone take their own lives to repent, The three of them discussed countermeasures to protect themselves. Alter deliberation, they decided to fight back. The three contacted people from the underground world one after another and spent a fortune employing them to guard their families. They were confident that when the survivor of the Cadens showed up, he would not be able to leave their houses alive


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