The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 95

Chapter 95 “Don’t worry, Mr. Smith. Thea will divorce James really soon.” 

Although David was useless, he was still her son, so she could not stand by and watch him get in trouble. On top of that, James was a retired soldier and kept claiming to know someone influential. Compared to that, Gladys chose someone who was really influential instead. 

Yoel belonged to the Smiths and had a huge family business worth tens of billions. 

Thea getting married to the Smiths would be a thousand times better than staying married to James 

“What do you say, Thea?” Yoel glanced at Thea. 

Xander was indeed terrifying. The Smiths were nothing compared to Xander. He was a real gangster that did not bother to earn himself a reputation or title. 

However, his father had some connections with Xander, and they even had dinner together. 

Plus, it was just a rear-end and not a big deal. 

His father could simply talk to Xander and compensate him with some money, and then the problem would be solved. 

It was not a loss to pay millions in exchange for Thea. 

“Mom, I’m not going to divorce James.” 


Gladys raised her hand and slapped Thea. 

“What do you mean you’re not going to get divorced? Are you going to take out eight million to save your brother?” she roared. 

A slap mark gradually appeared on Thea’s face. She reached out and covered her face as tears began to well up in her eyes. 

“Thea, do you know who Xander is? Do you know what he did in his earlier years? This man has at least eighty people’s blood on his hands, if not a hundred. He’s a man who’d completely get rid of a person and not leave even their bones…” 


Thea was also frightened after hearing about him. 

Yoel could not help but swallow his saliva as he glanced at Thea’s beautiful figure and mesmerizing face 

*To be honest, Xander probably isn’t going to let David go even after he gets the money. Those who offend him never end well.” He continued to scare them. 

“Thea, you can’t just think about yourself! Think about your brother too!” Gladys said anxiously 

“Do you want me to kneel and beg you?” Glayds was about to kneel after threatening her. 


Thea grabbed Gladys, who was about to kneel, and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Mom, I’ll get a divorce. I’ll divorce James. Don’t do this…” 

Yoel’s expression brightened as he heard this. 

Gladys said that Xander demanded eight million to be delivered to the Prosperous Dynasty, and David would be free, 

Yoel knew Xander’s character. 

This man used to be from the criminal world and was a man of his word. 

He had been very low-profile for the past few years and basically did not cause any trouble. 

As long as enough money was offered, David would be freed in one piece. 

Moreover, he was from the Smiths. 

His father had some connections with Xander, so if he helped to solve the matter, Xander would not ask for too much. 

Thea would be his after settling this, 

She was the most beautiful woman in Cansington. 

Plus, Gladys even told him that although Thea and James had registered their marriage, they did not sleep together. 

“Auntie, Uncle, Thea, I’ll settle the problem. I still have some money on my card. You guys can go back and wait. I’ll go back to ransom him, and with our relationship with him, I’m sure Xander would not trouble David…” 

“Mr. Smith, can we come with you?” Gladys tried to persuade him. 

She had watched Xander beat up her son and was extremely worried about his safety. 

“Auntie, you can go back and wait at ease. I’ll settle it for you,” Yoel vowed and assured her. Yoel glanced at Thea, who was anxious, and said with a smile, “Thea, let’s have dinner when I bring David back.” “Yes, yes! Thea will be waiting for you,” Gladys agreed in Thea’s place. 

Thea stood aside and cried in secret. 

Thea took out her phone and called James. “James, we’ve already resolved the problem. You can go home and wait for me. I’ve something to discuss with you.” 

She hung up after speaking, 

James was already on his way in a taxi, but because there was a jam, he could not arrive in time, 

Upon receiving the call from Thea, he sighed in relief and instructed the driver to turn around.


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