The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531

They were shocked.

There was not a single guest in the entire banquet hall who was not shocked.

Chloe was the heiress of the Lathan family and the apple of Old Master Lathan’s eye. She was the most popular person in Joules Town.

It was all right if Chloe only knew Sean.

However, Chloe disregarded her image and her identity as the heiress of the Lathan family. She bowed to Sean in front of many people and said something so unforgettable.

If there were reporters here, Chloe bowing to Sean would be on the front page of Joules Town’s newspapers tomorrow!

Perhaps Joules Town would be in turmoil because of it!

“You exaggerate.”

Sean said indifferently instead of taking credit for it.

“Mr. Lennon, your help to me might be nothing to you, but it was a huge help to me… Anyway, just come to me if you ever get in trouble, Mr. Lennon. The Lathan family will always welcome you!”

Chloe looked Sean straight in the eye with her beautiful eyes and spoke firmly.

“Thank you.”

Sean nodded with a smile.

Chloe also nodded with a smile. Then she turned to look at the guests and raised her voice, saying, “Everyone, I know you’re afraid Mr. Lennon will rise in Joules Town and take some of your profit away. That’s why you boycott him. But please rest assured that Sean won’t stay in Joules Town for too long. He’s just a visitor in Joules Town.

“He hasn’t left because he has some unfinished business. He will leave when he’s done. You don’t need to chase him away. Maybe he won’t stay even if you ask him to stay!

“Besides, Mr. Lennon’s a friend… no, an ally to the Lathan family. If anyone has a problem with him, you’ll have a problem with me! Any affluent family against him is going against the Lathan family! Do you hear me?”

As soon as Chloe finished speaking, the guests in the banquet hall nodded vigorously.

“Yes, Ms. Lathan. We’re so sorry we misunderstood Mr. Lennon.”

A young man with blond hair said quickly.

He was ridiculing Sean aggressively just now but was now apologizing. He was a classic case of a fence sitter who took whichever side with the upper hand.

“Since Ms. Lathan has said so, we’ll give her face and make things easier for Mr. Lennon.”

A middle-aged man stepped forward and said gently.

“Yes, yes, yes, we’ll give face to Ms. Lathan. Besides, since we misunderstood Mr. Lennon, our

conflict with Mr. Lennon is over… Mr. Lennon, we’re sorry about earlier. We crossed the line.”

An elegant woman in the crowd stepped forward and bowed to Sean as Chloe had just bowed. The other guests also nodded, and the oppressive and tense atmosphere in the banquet hall vanished instantly.

The guests even looked at Sean with a smile, nodded, or greeted him as if they had been friends for years.

Sean was surprised.

Chloe was the heiress of the Lathan family, which was already a surprise. Chloe was so

influential. She helped him solve his problem and also eliminated his conflict with the affluent families with a few words. You could describe it as magical.

The Lathan family was indeed Joules Town’s top family. Their name was useful!

“Thank you, Ms. Lathan. You’ve done me a great favor.”

Sean thanked Chloe, and Chloe smiled back at him.


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