The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534

Chloe chuckled before Sean could say anything. She said, “Who would laugh at you when I’m around? Here, I’ll eat with you.”

With that said, Chloe took the plate and fork and started eating with Caitlyn.

The two women were treating the fancy party like a buffet.

However, none of the guests in the distance dared to taunt her. Instead, they praised her.

“Though Ms. Lathan is the heiress of the Lathan family, she’s not arrogant. She eats and drinks as she likes. She doesn’t put on any airs.”

“Yes, Ms. Lathan is indeed a breath of fresh air. Anyone will be impressed!”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have dinner with Ms. Lathan?”

The guests looked over enviously, but none dared talk to each other, let alone eat together.

“Why don’t you eat some too?”

Chloe looked at Sean and said with a smile.

Sean glanced at the guests in the distance and shook his head as he laughed. “Forget about me. If I eat with you, those people will be so jealous of me.”

“Haha, Mr. Lennon. It turns out you like to joke around too.

“I’m not joking. The way you look at those people…”

Time flew by. Before he knew it, it was already 10 p.m.

The party was over.

Sean took Caitlyn’s hand and said goodbye to Chloe before driving back to Queen Children’s Orphanage.

Caitlyn was also carrying a large plastic bag full of leftovers because there was so much food at the party.

Caitlyn thought it was a waste, so she packed up some and brought them home.

If Sean and Caitlyn had packed up the food before Chloe arrived, there would have been a lot of eye rolls, taunts, and sarcastic comments from the guests.

However, Chloe was around. While Caitlyn packed up the food, the guests kept talking about saving food and traditional virtues in different ways.

The guests were indeed sociable. They were crafty and two-faced.

“Why did you bring back so much food?”

May asked, looking at the food Caitlyn placed on the dining table with shock.

“They’re from the party. I didn’t think they could finish them, so I packed them up and brought them home

Caitlyn said with a chuckle.

May was between laughter and tears. “Who goes to a party and takes their food home? Do you think you’re going to a restaurant?”

Caitlyn made a face and stuck out her tongue.

The children had gone to rest, but it was not too late, so May called them over to eat.

The meals Caitlyn packed were mostly meat. It also had plenty of seafood. It was an eye-opener for the kids who never had a big meal. They could also get some nutrients.

The children ate around the dining table, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Sean found it comfortable to watch the scene.

Maybe it was what happiness felt like.

The Collins family.

William, the 60-year-old patriarch of the Collins family, was sitting behind his desk in the vintage study, listening to his son Jacob’s report.

When he heard Chloe had come to Sean’s rescue, his expression instantly became complicated.

“How can this be… Since when did Sean become close with the Lathan family?”

William said to himself, tapping his forefinger on the desk.

Jacob sighed and said, “Old Master, maybe we were wrong. Sean might be at his downfall, but we still can’t underestimate what he’s capable of… Shouldn’t we change our attitude before we make an enemy for the Collins family?”

Hearing Jacob’s words, William’s heart wavered!


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