The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542

After all, Sean was only in his early twenties. There were almost no nine-star commanders under 40 years old in the past!

Therefore, for a young man in his early twenties to be awarded the title of nine-star commander was tantamount to causing a major earthquake.

Hanson, a commander himself, naturally heard about it.

However, Sean later disappeared from the army as if he had vanished into thin air, leaving no trace.

Hanson was unrelated to Sean. He regretted not being able to meet him but had not paid much attention to him since then. However, he did not expect to see him here today!

“So you’re Sean… What happened? Why did you suddenly leave the army?”

Hanson asked, turning solemn.

Sean’s brow furrowed.

“It’s all Blaze’s doing.”

Sean did not hide anything from Hanson,


It was because the Lupin family was like the guardians of Dragon Kingdom.

Everyone in the Lupin family was brave and honorable.

Dragon Kingdom might be doomed if even the Lupin family could not be trusted.

Therefore, Sean did not hold anything back from Hanson. He told Hanson everything.

Sean’s father, Colin, was killed in battle two years ago. In a fit of rage, Sean led millions of soldiers to fight against the enemy, and the enemy was crushed and fled in disarray.

Sean fought for revenge and retook the land.

However, the battle also left Sean badly wounded and exhausted.

Blaze jumped at the chance and attacked Sean, making him unconscious and crippled.

Later, Sean had to leave the army and go to the Quinn family in River City to recuperate.

After two years, Sean finally recovered. He recovered from all his injuries.

However, Sean lost his military influence after two years out of the army. He wanted revenge on Blaze, but there was no way he could do it.

Sean left River City for Joules Town, partly to escape Blaze’s pursuit, but also to meet Hanson through William to get help from him and rejoin the army.

Hanson’s expression turned ghastly at Sean’s words.

His followers looked angry!

What Blaze had done was disgraceful.

A man like him was even a nine-star commander of Dragon Kingdom, which was the biggest insult to Dragon Kingdom!

“Do you want revenge? Do you want to kill Blaze?”

Hanson asked.


Sean replied firmly, his eyes sharp as his hands clenched.

“Do you know how powerful Blaze is in the army? He’s well connected like a thousand-year-old tree with a deep-rooted system. Many top officials in Dragon Kingdom had an indescribable relationship with him. Your hope of revenge against him is slim.”

Hanson sighed and shook his head.

Just because he liked and appreciated Sean did not mean he would risk everything he had for revenge.

Sean looked disappointed as he asked, “Are you going to stand by while Blaze infests Dragon Kingdom’s army? Will Dragon Kingdom have a future if this goes on?”

Hanson instantly shuddered at this.

After a long time, he finally said, “How do you want me to help you?”

Sean’s face lit up, and there was finally hope in his eyes.

“Commander Lupin, please don’t worry. I won’t ask for too much and make things difficult for you… As long as you can help me return to the army, I will handle the rest myself.”

Sean’s words drew a look of surprise and admiration from Hanson.

“So you only wanted a chance from me. A chance to get back into the army.”


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