The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1543

Chapter 1543

Hanson had expected Sean to be greedy and ask him to help him unconditionally.

However, it turned out he was being paranoid.

Sean’s request was as simple as it could be, and it was easy for him to do without leaving a trail or something for people to use against him. They would not be detected by Blaze’s people either.

Hanson was even embarrassed by Sean’s request.

“You can ask for more.”

Hanson said after a moment’s hesitation.

It made the attendants present look unconvinced.

They thought Hanson would never agree to Sean’s request. However, Hanson not only agreed, but he also offered to do more.

Sean shook his head and said with a smile, “No thanks, Commander Lupin. I’m already satisfied if you could let me return to the army. Besides, I don’t want to give you too much trouble. If Blaze finds out you helped me, maybe he’ll go after you.”

“Why would I be afraid of Blaze?”

Hanson said domineeringly with a wave of his hand.

However, Sean stood by his decision. He did not want to cause Hanson too much trouble.

After all, the person before him was one of the few people he admired.

Ten minutes later, Sean left Hanson with Zander.

He had gotten a written letter from Hanson.

With the letter, he could travel to Southern Clan’s borders and take charge of one of Hanson’s team.

The team would be the base for Sean’s comeback, the springboard for his return to the army, and the first step in his revenge against Blaze!

However, he could not leave for Southern Clan’s borders for a while.

After all, he still had unfinished business in Joules Town, so he had to wait a little longer.

“Great, Commander. With a letter from Commander Lupin, we’ll be able to fulfill our potential in Southern


Zander said excitedly.

Hanson had only given Sean only a team of 3,000 men, and it seemed very weak.

However, far from being disappointed, Zander was confident about the future.

It was because Zander started as a lowly soldier. When he started working for Sean, Sean was only a nobody.

However, he watched Sean grow to a nine-star commander in a short time, becoming the youngest high- ranking general in Dragon Kingdom and even Guardian God of war!

Sean would be returning to the army with 3,000 men, which was a much better starting point than at the beginning!

Chapter 1543

With Sean’s abilities, Zander did not think he would fail!

“Commander Lupin has done us a huge favor. We owe him too much…”

Sean said slowly, looking at the written letter in his hand.

“Commander Lupin expects so much from you, Commander. You are someone he approves of.”

Zander said solemnly.

Sean was in good spirits and smiling when he got to where Caitlyn and May were.

Caitlyn and May were relieved to see Sean so happy. They knew Sean and Zander’s visit to the mystery man was not a bad thing.

It was getting dark.

Sean and Zander did not stay in Martyrs’ Memorial Garden. There were children after all, and it would be

hard to watch over them when it got dark.

Therefore, Sean, Zander, Caitlyn, and May, returned to Queen Children’s Orphanage with the children.

Night. The Collins family’s back garden.


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