The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1545

Chapter 1545

Ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of Queen Children’s Orphanage.

Without waiting for the car to come to a stop, William pushed open the door and got out. However, he only noticed that the orphanage’s entrance had been locked when he approached it.

It was already past 10 PM, and the night was dark.

Queen Children’s Orphanage was not an entertainment club, so it closed early, of course.

“Call them! Hurry and call them!”

William ordered.


Ignoring his humiliation, Jacob pressed on Queen Children’s Orphanage’s doorbell.

As he did so, Jacob kept yelling, “Open the door! Mr. Lennon! Madam Randall, I’m Jacob. I need to see you for something!”

The doorbell blared in the yard.

Many children, already asleep, were awakened by the doorbell ringing.

Caitlyn got out of bed in a daze, looked toward the yard door, and muttered angrily.

Director May also got out of bed.

Even Zander and Sean, camping out at the orphanage today, had woken up.

Both of them were already on high alert. It was a habit they got from the army.

Jacob rang the doorbell and made a loud noise. How could they not hear him?

“I think it’s the Collins family.”

Zander came over to Sean and said.

“Yeah, after meeting Hanson today, I knew the Collins family would come over.”

Sean smiled slightly.

Upon arriving in Joules Town, he visited William at the Collins family house and tried to meet Hanson through William, who was contemptuous and refused his request.

Now, he had worked his way to meet Hanson and no longer needed to rely on the Collins family.

The patriarch of the Collins family, William, could not sit still.

Sean also felt the need to meet William, so he stayed at the orphanage and waited for them.

“Brother Sean, there’s someone out there looking for you. It looks like the man who made fun of us at the

party that day!”

Caitlyn came to Sean’s door and said as he popped his head out and looked around.

“I see… It has nothing to do with you. Go and rest.”

Sean said as he waved his hand.

“Got it.”

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Caitlyn made a face and returned to her room. She knew Jacob’s sudden visit at such a late hour must be because he had something important to discuss with Sean, so she would not disturb him deliberately.

“Come on, let’s go outside. It’s inconvenient to receive guests here.”

Sean said to Zander.

The two then moved to another room in Queen Children’s Orphanage, which served as a reception room.

It was called a reception room but was only slightly more spacious. May occasionally worked here. The room was unused most of the time.

Of course, none of this mattered.

After sitting there for a while, May walked in with Jacob and William.

Jacob obediently stood aside to make room while William stepped over to Sean.

“Sean… Sean, have you met with Commander Lupin?”


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