The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1549

Chapter 1549

The more chaotic the City-State Union was, the more difficult it was for Blaze to meddle.

In all likelihood, Blaze must have information on Sean’s whereabouts now. However, if Sean reached the City-State Union, Blaze could not go after him even if he wanted to.

It was too chaotic. There was no way to touch Sean remotely unless Blaze was there in person.

In such a complicated situation, Sean could seek the opportunity of development for himself, recover his power as soon as possible and look for the chance for revenge!

It was why Sean said the more chaotic it was, the better for him.

It was true that a hero emerged in troubled times.

Chloe could not understand it, but it did not bother her. She trusted Sean anyway.

The director, May, came over, put her hand on Sean’s shoulders, and reminded earnestly, “You must protect yourself when you get there. Don’t let anything happen to yourself.”

“Got it, Director. I’m not a child anymore. I can take care of myself.”

Sean said in between laughter and tears.

May’s nose turned sore as her eyes reddened slightly.

Caitlyn quickly joked. Otherwise, May might have wept over their separation.

“Brother Sean, remember to come back and visit us. Bring some delicious food when you come back!”

“Got it.”

Sean nodded with a smile.

May glared at Caitlyn and complained, “All you know is how to eat!”

“I’m still growing. I need to eat more delicious food, of course.”

Caitlyn smiled mischievously.

The plane was about to take off.

Without further ado, Sean and Zander got on the plane while turning to look back repeatedly at every step they took.

Just after boarding the plane and settling into their seats, Sean and Zander had barely had time to catch their breath when a strikingly dressed and beautiful woman strode over

The woman was about 20 years old. She was young and beautiful. Most importantly, she was tall. Her long legs were slim, s*xy, smooth, and fair, giving people many ideas.

Moreover, the woman’s face looked foreign. Although she did not have black hair, her dark red eyes, deep- set eye sockets, and red curly hair were not common in the country.

The plane was bound for Crosac in the City-State Union. The woman must be heading for the City-State

Union too.

At the same time, she was a foreigner, so her identity was obvious. She must be from a small country in the City-State Union!

“What can I do for you, Miss?”

Zander asked instead of Sean.

The woman had her boarding ticket in her hand. After a moment’s hesitation, she forced a smile and asked Sean, who was sitting by the window.

“Sir, would you please swap seats with me?”

‘Swap seats?’

Sean frowned and asked in reply. “Why do you want to swap seats with me?”

“I want to sit by the window. I like viewing the landscape from the sky, so I choose the seat by the window every time I book a flight.”

The woman smiled and replied with a hint of arrogance.

You could choose your seat on the plane, but only in first and business class. Economy class did not have such privileges.

Sean and Zander wanted to keep a low profile, so they booked flights in economy class. After all, there were more passengers in economy class. The two would be less noticeable here than in first or business class.

“Since you like to choose a window seat, why not buy a ticket in first or business class when you booked the flight?”

Sean asked with a smile.

The woman shook her head and replied helplessly, “I was going to choose first or business class, but I was too late. First and business class were full, so I could only buy economy… Sir, I think changing seats is just a small matter. You won’t refuse a small request, will you?”


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