The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551

No wonder the foreign woman liked to sit by the window. The sight was fascinating, and it felt like you could never get enough of it.

Just then, Zander suddenly said, “Commander, do you think Commander Lupin’s troops will accept us?” Sean’s expression changed slightly at Zander’s words.

Sean had already enlisted Hanson’s help and gotten his written letter. After the trip to the city-state union, Sean and Zander would arrive at the city-state union’s Dorodo as quickly as possible.

Dorodo was one of the only three cities in the city-state union under Dragon Kingdom’s control.

Dorodo had 3,000 city defense soldiers. The regiment belonged to Hanson and was now under Sean’s command.

However, things were not that simple.

Despite receiving Hanson’s letter and reporting to Dorodo would make Sean Dorodo’s military representative and commander in chief of the regiment of 3,000 men, would they listen to him?

After all, he appeared out of the blue, and the people below him probably felt displeased.

Zander asked suddenly because he was worried about such a thing happening.

“I’ll fix it. Believe me.”

Sean said with a smile, exuding an air of confidence.

Zander was slightly dazed. Then Sean convinced him. He nodded heavily and solemnly replied in acknowledgment!

Six hours had unknowingly passed after the plane took off.

They were only an hour away from Crosac Airport, and they would be in the city-state union.

However, Sean vaguely had a bad feeling.

“What’s the matter? Commander?”

Zander asked, noticing that Sean’s expression was a little ghastly.

“I’m a little uneasy.”

Sean replied calmly.

Zander’s expression instantly turned ghastly.

It was because he trusted Sean’s instincts.

There had been many times when he was leading the army in battle when Sean had relied on his instincts to avoid a surprise attack and avoid casualties in his unit.

It was fair to say that Sean’s instincts had always been accurate.

Sean suddenly felt uneasy. Then something was likely to happen, and it was going to be horrible and terrifying!

No sooner had this thought occurred to Zander than he heard an anxious voice in the cabin.

“Attention, all passengers. There may be turbulence due to the cold current ahead. Please fasten your seat belts…”

Chapter 1551

As soon as they finished, the plane shook violently!

All h*ll broke loose in the cabin. There was a lot of screaming. Women and children were even crying.

Sean frowned. He could already see a thick layer of frost on the window glass next to him.

Besides that, it could be described as frost at first. Later, there was ice on the window. It was a few

centimeters thick!

The rest of the aircraft was probably the same as the window glass.


The ice that was a few centimeters thick would put so much weight on the plane that it would not be able to maintain its current altitude. It would either have to make an emergency landing or throw away contents of the cabin to reduce its weight.

Sure enough, a new broadcast soon came.

“The flight is in critical condition due to the cold current. The flight attendants will throw away part of the luggage. Please cooperate! Please cooperate!”

It was getting chaotic in the cabin.

There were cries and screams everywhere. Even the men were frantic.

Sean and Zander did not have any luggage. They were used to traveling light, so they did not bring



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