The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1573

Chapter 1573

5 a.m.

The sun had just risen in the east, and reveille blared in Dorodo’s city defense army base.

3,000 city defense soldiers stood on the field, neatly dressed. They began running in a neat line on the field at the word of command.

The team of 3,000 men ran orderly. Most importantly, they ran for a full hour.

A five-kilometer jog for an hour was Dorodo’s city defense army daily routine.

They had to jog five kilometers every day, regardless of weather, rain, or snow. Besides that, no one was allowed to take the day off.

Not only regular soldiers must run, but also officers of all ranks.

The three chiliarchs were running on the field with their respective troops.

Wesley was the one at the front.

The two younger men at the back were the other chiliarchs-Anthony and Gregory.

Wesley was 55 years old, Anthony was 35, and Gregory was only 32.

Neither Anthony nor Gregory was married, let alone had kids. Only Wesley married and had a family in Dorodo. He also enlisted his only son, George, into the city defense army.

The 22-year-old George did not cause major trouble in the city defense army but was not up to any good either.

Many city defense soldiers had much to complain about him.

However, with the chiliarch Wesley on top, it did not matter, even if the soldiers complained.

“Commander Jokerman, you’re old! You can’t keep up!”

Anthony came up behind him and said with a laugh.

Wesley immediately turned gloomy and said, “I’m old, but I can do this job for a few more years. You two can never catch up with me!”

With that, Wesley quickened his pace and ran ahead.

However, how could he be a match for two men more than twenty years younger than him?

No matter how hard he tried, Anthony and Gregory stayed close behind him.

“Never? There are ways!”

Anthony said with a laugh, sounding presumptuous.

Gregory said solemnly, “I heard the new commander-in-chief is only in his 20s. He’s young and is appointed by Commander Lupin. What do you think about that?”

Anthony’s expression did not change much at Gregory’s statement, but Wesley’s expression turned aghast.

It was because Wesley was paving the way for his precious son. He wanted his son George to replace him as the city defense army’s new chiliarch when he retired.

A leader suddenly overrode the three chiliarchs, which made the whole thing a lot more volatile.

It would be strange for Wesley to be happy.

“Hmph. What commander-in-chief? I think he’s only a young punk! I’ll show him when he’s here!”

Wesley said coldly.

“You said it yourself. Don’t go back on your word when the time comes!”

Anthony exclaimed, pointing at Wesley.

Wesley snorted coldly and said nothing.

Just then, a messenger came running and stood before the chiliarchs as he panted.

“Commander Jokerman! Commander Laurent! Commander Killian! The new commander-in-chief has arrived. He’s already here to take his position. He wants the three of you to see him immediately.”

The messenger felt a lot of pressure as soon as he finished speaking.

Wesley looked angry as he said, “A new broom really sweeps clean. He wants to intimidate us old-timers as soon as he reaches Dorodo’s city defense army. How dare he!”

“Hahaha, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Besides, he’s the commander-in-chief. We’re only chiliarchs. We have to see them, of course.”


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