The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1574

Chapter 1574

Anthony said with a smile.

Gregory did not say much but was clearly on Anthony’s side.

Wesley looked at the two and said, “Don’t you have any complaints? The three of us had a chance to be the commander-in-chief, but Commander Lupin sent an outsider to be commander-in-chief out of the blue. Even that I can accept. I accept orders from our higher-ups. But how can I stand it when that person is a punk in his 20s?”

Wesley said and snorted angrily. You could tell that he was furious.

“Forget about it for now. Let’s hurry over. He might be waiting for us.”

Gregory reminded.

The commander-in-chief’s office in the city defense army base.

Zander stood aside solemnly while Sean sat in the commander-in-chief’s chair, flipping through the papers in front of him.

These documents were about the city defense army’s affairs over the last six months.

Sean read quickly. He had an idea of the city defense army’s situation.

Just then, there were loud footsteps outside. They could tell it was Wesley, Anthony, and Gregory-the chiliarchs of the city defense army.

Besides that, it was not only the three chiliarchs, but several soldiers also gathered before the headquarters building.

It was unknown whether the soldiers gathered there spontaneously or were summoned over by the


“Are you the new commander-in-chief, Sean Lennon?”

Wesley came in and leered at Sean, speaking in a dismissive tone.

Sean nodded slightly.

“How old are you?”

Wesley asked.

Sean laughed and asked in reply, “What does my age have to do with you?”

“Of course it does. You must have pulled some strings or gone through the back door when you become

a commander-in-chief at such a young age! I don’t trust people like you to handle things and run the city defense army!”

With that said, Wesley snorted coldly.

Zander lost his temper immediately.

He glared at Wesley and yelled, “Who are you to talk to Commander like that? Are you trying to offend your superior?”

“I wouldn’t dare. I’m just a subordinate trying to warn my superior.”

Wesley said sarcastically.



Zander snapped and drew his saber.

However, Sean raised his hand and stopped him before he could strike.

“Take it easy, Zander.”

Sean said and looked at Anthony and Gregory.

“Do you think the same too?”

Sean asked with a smile.

Anthony and Gregory glanced at each other before shaking their heads with a smile together.

Sean was slightly relieved to see that.

It would be tricky if Anthony and Gregory sided with Wesley.

If the three of them sided against him, he could not intercept even if he wanted to.

However, it was clear that Anthony and Gregory were on the same team. There was bad blood between them and Wesley, so it would be much easier.

Three men were separated into two forces, and Sean was confident he could handle them!


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