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Chapter 858 An Explosive Temper
Shortly after Kai left with Leviathan, Kristoff, Sylvester, and Kenneth arrived.

Gaping at the severely injured Kristoff, Godrick inquired with bemusement etched across his features, “Mr. Shalvis, who dare to injure you such on this island?”
“I encountered a ferocious beast and got these injuries from the battle, Mr. Deragon,” Kristoff fibbed.

He would never tell Godrick the truth as it was better when fewer people knew about the draconic essence.

If the Deragon family also knew that Kai secured the draconic essence, the Shalvis family wouldn’t even stand a chance.
The corners of Godrick’s mouth curved into a smirk. “A ferocious beast? Your arm was obviously chopped off.

How could it be the doing of a ferocious beast when your wound is so neat? Are you taking me for a three-year-old kid?”
Kristoff lowered his head and said nothing further, for he didn’t know how to explain that.

Subsequently, Godrick swept a gaze over the few of them. His expression abruptly turned chilly, and his petrifying aura instantly enveloped them all. “Have the lot of you procured the draconic essence? Spit it out! Who is in possession of the draconic essence?”
He didn’t dare question Leviathan, but he didn’t have to hold back when it came to Kristoff and the others.

All three of them stiffened upon hearing that, but none of them said anything.
They all shared the same sentiments—the fewer people who knew about the draconic essence, the better. If the Deragon family were to learn about it, they would have no hope of getting their hands on it.
When Godrick saw that none of them was speaking, his face darkened further. “If you all don’t speak the truth, don’t dream of leaving this place,” he threatened.

As soon as he had finished saying that, the rest of the Deragons surrounded Kristoff and the others.

“Mr. Deragon, we don’t have any draconic essence. What are you trying to do here?” Kristoff demanded with a dark look on his face.

“Are you planning to make a move against us, Mr. Deragon? Although the Thunderstorm Sect and the Shalvis family are beneath the Deragon family, if you really dare kill us, both our families will demand an explanation from the Deragon family. You’re just from the branch family. Will the Deragon family offend our families because of you?”
Kenneth had an explosive temper, and he stared straight at Godrick without a hint of fear in his eyes.

“Don’t forget the Cooper family. The elders of the Cooper family were the ones who sent me here to Dragon Island, so the Cooper family will never let the matter slide if I don’t return!” Sylvester declared, stepping forward at that precise moment.
All three families had to unite in the face of the Deragon family. Otherwise, none of their families posed a threat to the Deragon family.

Seeing that he was being threatened on his own cruise ship, Godrick burst into laughter out of the blue.

“Haha!” After letting out a bark of laughter, he abruptly stopped. Then, he spat furiously, “If I kill the lot of you and throw you all into the sea, no one will know that it was the doing of the Deragon family! How dare you threaten me and even look down on me just because I’m from a branch family of the Deragon family?”
Despite being an outstanding figure among the young generation of the Deragon family, Godrick was disfavored because of his background. Of course, that was also his kryptonite.
Thus, the fury within him ignited in a flash when Kenneth mocked him for being from the branch family.

Without warning, Godrick made his move. Kenneth, who was several meters away, sensed a mighty force rushing at him. In a trice, he flew backward.
“Mr. Carrall!”

The Martial Arts Grandmaster Kenneth brought with him swiftly leaped into the air to catch Kenneth.
Unfortunately, no sooner had he done so than the Deragons sent him flying with a kick as well.

Neither the Thunderstorm Sect nor the Shalvis family had the capability to go up against the Deragon family.
Kenneth slammed onto the ground hard, his face draining of all color. The fiery temper on him earlier faded away in the blink of an eye.
“Let me ask you this again. Where is the draconic essence?”

The chilly murderous intent radiating off Godrick had them all shuddering.


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