The Mans Decree Chapter 868

Chapter 868 They Came On Their Own
Hayden looked with disdain at the group that had just arrived. He could easily kill them all in one go with just a single slap!

“Master Naberhaus and Mr. Xuereb, I am General Theodore Jackson from Jadeborough Department of Justice. I do not know what grudges you have against Mr. Chance. Thanksgiving is already here, so is it possible…”
Theodore came forward with a smile on his face, trying to intervene on behalf of Kai.
“Get lost!”

With a slap, Hayden sent Theodore flying through the air. “Darn! You are just a General from the Department of Justice! You are unfit to talk to me. Others might fear you, but not me…”

Hayden was the head of the Empyrean Sect. He was certainly not intimidated by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice could do anything to him.

Theodore was embarrassed and humiliated by this sudden unexpected slap, but there was nothing he could do. The Department of Justice was totally powerless in the face of these hundred-year-old sects, nor would these sects show the Department of Justice any respect.
“In the Medicine God Sect encounter, I let you off easy with your heads intact. Today, you must have a death wish to come here…”

Kai spoke with a threatening expression on his face.
“A death wish?” Hayden snorted. “Punk, take a look at yourself and see what you are! If not for the elders present at the Medicine God Sect, we could have taken your life. You will die today and no one can save you…”
With that, Hayden swung out at Kai with a punch.

Hayden could not wait to avenge the death of his son. How he wished to smash Kai into smithereens!

Seeing this, Kai retreated at lightning speed right back into the courtyard. Hayden thought that Kai was afraid and trying to escape. Instantly, he sped up in pursuit.
When Kai had retreated fully into the courtyard, he suddenly punched Hayden who was attacking, his huge fist shone with a golden light.
Hayden was stunned momentarily but he did not halt.


A dull bang rang out, as their fists smashed against each other.
With Hayden’s power as a Martial Arts Grandmaster, this punch could have instantly defeated Kai.

However, the truth was exactly the opposite. The cracking sound of breaking bone was heard and Hayden’s arm was suddenly bent at an awkward angle, followed by his pitiful scream of pain.
Everyone was stunned by the scene before them. None of them thought that a punch from Kai would break the arm of the dignified Martial Arts Grandmaster.

This was simply incredible.
Meanwhile, Declan frowned, with disbelief in his eyes. It was simply unthinkable that in a matter of just a month, Kai’s power had increased so much.
Although Hayden was a second-level Martial Arts Grandmaster, he was still a Grandmaster. Yet, he could not resist one punch from Kai.
Just as the onlookers were feeling shocked, the clear sound of bone breaking came again.

Kai grabbed Hayden’s other arm and broke it with brute force.
The severe pain made Hayden scream, and he looked at Kai in horror. He could not imagine how Kai could become so powerful that he did not even have the chance to fight back.
“You broke all the bones of my subordinates, so today, I shall let you have a taste of your own medicine.”
With that, he gave Hayden a kick which sent the latter’s body flying into the air.

Kai stomped on the ground, the iolite under his feet shattered and his body shot into the air.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Kai kept punching Hayden with his fists while Hayden became a punching bag, taking all the beating, helplessly.
Blood spurted from Hayden’s mouth incessantly and the sound of breaking bones filled the air.

The onlookers were dumbfounded, watching the strange scene that was taking place in mid-air.


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