The Mans Decree Chapter 898

Chapter 898 I Understand
That thought caused Kai to slowly calm down as the excitement wore off.

“Mr. Knox, I want you to work together with a few of the elders to produce dozens of body pills tonight.

I will need them ready by tomorrow morning,” he said while storing the rejuvenating pill.
Kai was planning on bringing the body pills back to the members of the Department of Justice so he could boost their strength as quickly as possible.
“My Lord, please be rest assured that we will get the job done,” Axton replied with a nod.

Kai then left the hall and prepared to get some rest in his room, but Lyanna kept following closely behind him.

Although they had only been separated for two days, she found that she was unable to leave Kai anymore and was thinking of him all the time.
“Why are you following me around at this hour? Shouldn’t you be heading to bed?” Kai asked anxiously.

Because of how open-minded Lyanna was, he could very well have his virginity stolen by her if he let his guard down.
Naturally, that wouldn’t sit very well with Josephine.

“Your injuries have yet to heal fully, so I need to look after you!” Lyanna replied.
“I’m fine now, so you don’t have to look after me anymore.”

Kai even jumped around just to show that he was all better.
“It’s not fine until I say so! Geez, you’re a guy for crying out loud! Why are you being so difficult?” Lyanna protested as she shoved Kai into the room and locked the door behind them.
“What are you doing?” Kai asked nervously.

“I’m going to stay here so I can look after you and sleep with you,” Lyanna replied straightforwardly.
“No, it’s not appropriate for the two of us to sleep in the same room. People might start talking-” Kai shook his head profusely.
“I don’t care about that!” Lyanna said.

“But I do! I’m still a virgin, you know? What if I…”
Kai was so flustered that he didn’t even know how to continue.

Lyanna rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t worry! I won’t do anything to you even if we’re sleeping in the same room. What do you take me for, huh? Some kind of promiscuous sl*t? I won’t do anything to you without your consent, okay?”
Wait… I thought guys are usually the ones who say that stuff to girls? Why are the gender roles reversed now?

With that in mind, Kai let out a helpless sigh and agreed to sleep in the same room with her.
Although Lyanna kept her hands to herself that night, she did steal a kiss before going to bed.

Unbeknownst to her, Kai was actually aware of it but pretended to be asleep so as to not make things awkward between them. He decided that he would not take action as long as she didn’t go overboard.
The next day, Axton brought the body pills over really early in the morning.

“The body pills are ready, My Lord. Also, I have a vigor pill here that may be of use to you.

A single dose of this will give you the strength to go three hundred rounds with ease!” he said with a wink when he saw Kai and Lyanna leaving the room together.
Kai froze for a moment before realizing what Axton meant. What the… Did he seriously just call it vigor pill?

This guy sure knows how to name stuff! Why doesn’t he just call it sperm pill instead!
“It’s not what you think, Mr. Knox! Lyanna and I didn’t do anything!

I won’t be needing that vigor pill, so you can just keep it for yourself,” Kai explained awkwardly.
“You really underestimate Kai, Mr. Knox! He’s a young man in his twenties!

Why would he even need that stuff? You have no idea how much of a beast he was last night!” Lyanna said with a satisfied grin on her face.
“All right, I understand…”
Axton let out a chuckle as he put the vigor pill away.

“Hey! Quit making stuff up!” Kai shouted angrily at Lyanna. He then turned toward Axton and continued, “Don’t listen to her, Mr. Knox! We really didn’t do anything!”


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