The Mans Decree Chapter 986

Chapter 986 You Just Signed Your Death Warrant

Kristoff, who had been fighting the entire time, saw how Kai was standing still like an idiot. The former knew then and there that was the best time to exact his revenge.

He attacked a Martial Arts Grandmaster of the Shadow Estate and forced the latter to back away a little. After that, he headed straight for Kai.

“ Kai Chance. You will perish here and now!”

Kristoff threw a punch at Kai. A gust of wind swirled from his move.

“ Kai!” shouted Colin nervously upon seeing that.

Unfortunately, it was as though Kai couldn’t hear anything. He stood there without moving a muscle even as Kristoff’s punch got closer and closer. He never even blinked.

Colin gritted his teeth when he saw how things were. He jumped in front of Kai right away to shield him.


Kristoff’s merciless punch landed on Colin’s chest and sent him flying.

Colin’s body crashed into Kai and brought him down to the ground as well.

Immediately after, Kai’s body trembled a little, and he came back around.

“Colin, what’s wrong?”

Finally coming back to his senses, the first thing Kai saw was Colin being all pale at the side. The latter coughed up blood, and his chest had swollen in, making it obvious that he had a couple of broken ribs.

“Kristoff tried to kill you earlier, Kai…” informed Colin in agony.

That was when Kai realized that a battle was ongoing, and the place was in a mess. Everyone was still fighting each other, and Kristoff was staring at Kai intently.

Seeing how Kai had woken up from his dazed-like state and was looking right at him, Kristoff was so frightened that he backed away a few steps. However, he soon recalled how Kai was wounded and weakened, and that brought a confident smile back to his face.

“ Kai, I will exact my revenge today,” announced Kristoff as he exuded a murderous aura.

Kai helped Colin up and infused some spiritual energy into him to lessen the pain. After that, he slowly shifted his attention to Kristoff and replied, “You really think you can go against me with that puny power of yours?”

“Hah, stop pretending. You’re wounded now and probably won’t be able to handle a single punch from me,” sneered Kristoff before he attacked Kai again.

“I’m going to kill you while you’re weakened!” roared Kristoff. The aura within his body flushed out and the domineering martial energy swirling around his hand was an incredible sight to behold. It was obvious he wanted to kill Kai in a single move.

“What an idiot.”

Kai grinned. A faint, golden light started to emit from his hand, and he slapped Kristoff as soon as the latter was close enough.


Kristoff’s powerful punch couldn’t even reach the corner of Kai’s shirt before that slap landed.

Kristoff was sent flying, and his body smashed into the wall. He spat blood as horror shone in his eyes.

“A-Aren’t you wounded?”

Kristoff didn’t understand what was going on. Just moments ago, Kai was wounded and had depleted his martial energy. Yet, he had now turned into a completely different person.

“Even with my wounds, killing you is still an easy feat.”

Kai stepped forward and moved to Kristoff.

“W-What are you going to do?” asked Kristoff as he trembled and stared at Kai.

“Take a wild guess,” replied Kai as a murderous aura flushed out of him.

“D-Don’t kill me. Don’t!” begged Kristoff. He panicked and kept backing away. He wanted the two Martial Arts Grandmasters of the Shalvis family to protect him, but they were busy dealing with the Martial Arts Grandmasters of the Shadow Estate. In other words, they were too busy to help.

“Oh, that’s no longer up to you. You signed your death warrant the second you tried to kill me.”

After saying that, Kai’s aura suddenly exploded and a terrifyingly powerful spiritual energy shot out.


Kristoff wanted to run away, but he was too late. All he felt was heavy pressure on his chest. When he tilted his head down, he saw a bloody hole in his chest and his organs falling out of it.


Kristoff’s eyes were wide open. They shone with indignation as he fell to the ground.


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