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Chapter 1501 Are You Afraid

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“Space of Eternity!” Edgar roared before raising his arm. Instantly, a dark mist covered the space above the others and became an independent space.

The fighters could feel the weight lifting from them the moment the space was formed, and they quickly clambered to their feet.

“Let’s attack together,” Ryker ordered the other fighters.

In no time, rays of energy glowing faintly in white seeped out of them. When the dozens of energy rays gathered, they resisted Jared’s energy with Edgar.

“You think too highly of yourself, you lowly beings! How dare you try to compete against me for the world?” Jared said aggressively.

In the next second, the golden palm smacked and shattered the shield Edgar had created before continuing downward.


The earth shook, and the fighters died instantaneously. Their bodies had been crushed.

Ryker’s face turned ashen as fury build up in his chest.

Edgar’s expression was dark. Never had he imagined that Jared would become as scarily powerful as he was at that moment.

Rayleigh and The Villainous Four all inhaled sharply, for they, too, had never thought that Jared would be that mighty.

“I dare you to fight me, Jared. Do you feel accomplished killing the servants instead?” Edgar said to Jared coldly.

“I’ve given them a chance, but they didn’t cherish it! They chose death!” Jared barked out a laugh. “I’ll give you a chance now too. Let the girl you captured go, and I’ll spare your life.”

“Over my dead body!”

Edgar’s face clouded over as the wrath accumulated in him. At the same time, the dark mist around him expanded.

Edgar’s body was getting bigger and bigger too. Countless dark particles seemed to be pulling toward him continuously.


With that loud cry, Edgar threw a punch at Jared.

Edgar was exceptionally swift, and as he was enveloped by the black aura, he was almost invisible in the darkness.

All Jared felt was a gush of wind rushing toward him. Immediately after that, he felt a dark mark slamming into his chest.


The ground shook, and the space seemed to have contorted. The power of a Martial Arts Marquis was simply unimaginable.

Even a simple punch was more than enough to destroy a hill.


“Mr. Chance…”

Rayleigh and The Villainous Four cried out worriedly when they saw Jared getting hit by Edgar’s punch.

However, right at that moment, a ray of gold light flashed. Then, a glowing old palm slapped Edgar’s face.


The crisp sound traveled over ten miles away from the source of direction.

Edgar was sent flying in an arc before crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, Jared remained unmoving expressionlessly.

As blood came out from the corner of his lips, Edgar climbed to his feet. Now, other than wrath, there was also terror in his eyes.

The burning pain on his face made him reluctant to attack again.

“If you’re scared, it’ll be my turn now,” Jared muttered.

He disappeared from his spot. A ray of golden light cut through the darkness and headed toward Edgar.

Seeing that, Edgar quickly wrapped the dark mist around him. The dark mist turned solid and covered Edgar’s body like steel armor.

It looks like I have to step in, or else I doubt you’re going to get out of this alive today.

The spirit in Edgar spoke again.

Indeed, Jared was much more powerful than Edgar now. If they were to continue with the fight, Edgar would be killed by Jared.

In the next instance, Edgar’s eyes rolled back, and his aura changed.


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