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Chapter 1502 The Fight

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The black mist that filled the surroundings instantly thickened again, and the armor wrapped around Edgar’s body glistened in black.

Boom! Jared and Edgar crashed into each other hard. Jared had strengthened his body to an almost indestructible level. As he had the addition of Golem Body, not many people in the world would dare to fight him head-on.

A huge gust of wind howled when Edgar and Jared crashed into each other. The surrounding rocks and trees were instantly blown away.

Seeing that, The Villainous Four hurriedly stood in front of Rayleigh, trying their best to defend against the shockwave of the impact.

The ground shook. Jared sensed the change in Edgar’s aura and knew that the spirit was the one in control of Edgar’s body now. However, he showed no sign of fear.

Jared’s blood boiled as his fighting spirit spiked. He regarded Edgar as an alchemy stone to steel himself. Every strike was a form of training for himself.

In a split second, the two had exchanged a hundred blows with each other.

Edgar started showing signs of exhaustion. Jared, however, still looked at ease. It was as if he had been lenient and had been practicing his combat skills with Edgar.


With a hysterical cry, Edgar exuded an eerie aura. The black light on his body became brighter, and his aura intensified.

The corners of Jared’s lips quirked up into an imperceptible smile. He wanted to force Edgar to his limit to see how strong the spirit in his body was.

At that moment, the fight between the two had turned the place into utter shambles. The entire space started to distort and deform. Rayleigh and The Villainous Four had been pressed flat on the ground by the immense pressure.

Ryker was not any better. He was kneeling on one knee and withstanding the blow with gritted teeth.


The mountain began to crumple during the battle between the two. A few bottomless ravines were formed across the mountain range, stretching toward Medicine God Sect.

Waves of terrifying aura continued to spread toward the surroundings.

Axton and Leviathan, who were in Medicine God Sect, felt the terrifying aura as well.

“What’s going on? What is that terrifying aura?” Axton looked solemn.

He had been treating Colin and had to stop the procedure when the sudden shock and terrifying aura hit the place.

“I’ll bring some men to find out…” Leviathan stood up and ran off.

Many people of Medicine God Sect went out of the house to watch.

Deafening sounds of explosions could be heard and golden light could be seen dozens of miles away from Medicine God Sect. It was as if the end of the world was coming!

Leviathan hurriedly took some men and rushed toward that place. Lizbeth, too, went after him.

At that moment, Jared and Edgar were still fighting each other. Both of them seemed to have reached their limits.

The longer they fought, the more anxious Edgar was and the more desperate he wanted the fight to end.

“Go to hell!” Edgar seized an opportunity to land a punch on Jared.

Jared’s body flew backward. However, instead of collapsing on the ground, he floated in mid-air.

Edgar panted heavily. His forehead was covered with sweat.

Jared, on the other hand, looked composed as if the attack didn’t affect him at all.

“You’re still no match for me even if you’re in possession of a spirit. It seems that you’ve failed to live up to your name as the most talented man in Jadeborough.”

Jared looked at Edgar with mockery in his eyes.

“Ah! Kill him! Quick!” Edgar shouted. He was talking to the spirit in his body.

“Kid, you’re the most talented man I’ve seen. But your arrogance has blinded you. I will kill you today and make you my corpse puppet…”

A deep and hoarse voice came out of Edgar’s throat. It sounded so creepy that it could send goosebumps all over one’s body.


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