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Chapter 1503 Trying To Escape

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This was the first time the spirit had spoken through Edgar.

“You’re just a spirit without a body. How dare you speak so arrogantly? You will have nowhere to hide today…”

Jared’s aura soared again as he spoke. It turned out he didn’t fight Edgar to the best of his strength all this while.

The golden light on Jared shone brighter as he started chanting the calming incantation.

He was like a human sun, illuminating the entire dark night.

The golden light stretched for several miles, lighting up the whole mountain until it was visible in the dark night.

Edgar let out a shriek under the golden light.

Jared’s aura kept rising as if it had no bounds.

Edgar’s face turned pale, and fear started to surge in his heart.

Under the golden light, the spirit instantly lost control of Edgar’s body.

As Edgar regained control of his own body and felt Jared’s terrifying aura, he shuddered. He was truly scared out of his wits.

All of his confidence had been crushed to smithereens by Jared as he realized the insurmountable gap between them.

Jared was an enigma. Everyone wanted to know more about him, but no one could see through him.

He had been announced dead multiple times prior to this. Yet, he would come back to life every time.

No one really knew how strong Jared was. He renewed others’ perceptions of him every time he reappeared.

Run! What are you still waiting for? Do you want to die here?

Startled by the voice of the spirit in his head, Edgar glanced at Ryker not far away before he gritted his teeth and leaped backward.

He couldn’t care less about Ryker anymore. The most important thing for him was to escape from the scene.

“Are you trying to escape?” Jared asked coldly.

His figure disappeared in a flash.

Edgar felt a strong wind coming from behind. He turned around to see that Jared was already right in front of him.

Jared had moved so fast that Edgar didn’t even see how he caught up with him. It was as if he had just appeared out of thin air!


A big golden hand charged toward Edgar. He wanted to dodge but failed to make a timely response.

The big palm landed directly on Edgar’s back, shattering the armor formed on his body.

Edgar staggered and fell forward onto the ground. He was like a bull in a china shop and nothing like the son of the Deragon family.


Ryker jumped up and went straight to Jared.

Although Edgar had wanted to leave him and escape alone, Ryker didn’t have the heart to watch his son get killed.

Ryker unleashed his aura to its limits as a senior Martial Arts Marquis.

Jared didn’t even turn his head back when Ryker moved in. He stretched out his hand and gripped Ryker by his throat.

Ryker’s aura disappeared in an instant. His mouth was opened wide and his face was flushed, as he could hardly breathe.

Jared felt no trace of pity as he held his uncle in his hand. Instead, there was only endless anger in his mind.

Jared wished he could just kill Ryker on the spot as he thought of the torment his mother had gone through during her twenty-plus years of captivity.

However, Jared couldn’t kill Ryker yet, as he had to count on him to release his mother.

Ryker said, “Jared… if you kill me today, you will never get to see your mother…”

Fury blazed in Jared’s heart, and he gave Ryker a tight slap across the face.


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