The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3913

Chapter 3913 Unimaginable Magical Herbs

“Not only is the Heavenly Thunder avoiding us, but the binding force of the earth ley line is too. This is awesome.”

“This makes our journey so much easier.”

Cheriette and Larissa exclaimed excitedly.

They were already at the end of their strength, so if they encountered the previous level of earth ley line’s binding force, they might be unable to move an inch.

Now that the force had disappeared, they took the opportunity to cultivate their recovery.

“If I’m not mistaken, the core of the earth ley line’s energy should be at the bottom of the center of Arctic Lake. At that time, the giant Heavenly Thunder’s lightning orb was formed at that location. The pulsating current rose while carrying the energy of earth ley line. Even now, you can see that Heavenly Thunders are still most concentrated in that location,” Levi said in a deep voice.

Cheriette and Larissa looked over and noticed that the Heavenly Thunders over other parts of Arctic Lake were relatively scattered.

As for the location above the center of Arctic Lake, several Heavenly Thunders had gathered in the sky, and they were striking the earth non-stop.

“Are you planning to go directly to the center of Arctic Lake, Lord Garrison?” Cheriette asked tentatively.

Levi waved his hand dismissively. “No. Let’s first collect the magical herbs from the periphery of Arctic Lake.”

Although there were mostly Subdivine Bones in the surrounding areas of Arctic Lake, it was enough to refine other weapons.

Even to Kenfort, most of those things were valuable resources with no market demand, so it was impossible that Levi would give them up.

Larissa and Cheriette would naturally not refuse. As long as they were around Levi, they would be safe.

“By the way, Master, it’s recorded in an ancient manual that there’s a beast in Sea of Heavenly Thunder in Dragon’s Grave Valley and that it’s fierce and destructive. It’s better to be careful since we don’t know what kind of terrifying spirit beast it is,” Larissa suggested respectfully.

Although Levi had withstood the strongest blow from Heavenly Thunder, the spirit beast had been metamorphosing in Sea of Heavenly Thunder all year round, and its strength was unfathomable.

It was not sure if Levi or the beast was stronger.

“That’s right, Lord Garrison. I’ve also read it from an ancient manual. It is said that it is a terrifying spirit beast with some kind of ancient bloodline. It should not be underestimated,” reminded Cheriette.

Smiling contemptuously, Levi said, “It’s okay. I happen to be short of a pet. If it dares to come out, I’ll just tame it.”

The women’s mouths twitched. They thought that Levi was bold and domineering for treating an ancient beast like a pet.

However, his ability justified his brazenness.

“Let’s hurry up and collect the magical herbs!” Levi urged as he waved his hand.

In the next three days, Levi and the rest searched for magical herbs around Arctic Lake.

“Solar Flower, Timber Bones, Frost Divine Bones, Ursae Grass, Dipper Iron…”

Looking at the many magical herbs, Divine Bones, and Subdivine Bones that only existed in ancient manuals, Cheriette and Larissa were beaming happily.

“I’m afraid just this amount alone is much more than the amount Eclipse has. In particular, it’s always quality over quantity when it comes to magical herbs. Besides, there are also a lot of them here. We also haven’t explored the magical herbs in the depths of Arctic Lake. The amount we get will be unimaginable then.”

Larissa was thrilled as she benefited a lot from following Levi.

Cheriette shared the same thought. She had long been completely impressed by the strength Levi displayed.

She even believed that Astre Lune Sect would rise to be a super sect more quickly by having a leader like Levi.

“Lord Garrison, since there are so many magical herbs around Arctic Lake, there must be more in the depths of Arctic Lake. Are you going to explore there now?” Cheriette tentatively asked, as they had spent too much time on the periphery.


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