The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3914

Chapter 3914 Dead Or Alive

After staying silent for a while, Levi replied, “It’s fine to stay here for a few days as we’re not in a hurry to leave Dragon’s Grave Valley.”

Confused, Larissa questioned, “Do you intend to continue using Heavenly Thunder to metamorphose and elevate your cultivation level, Master?”

Since Larissa had more knowledge and experience than Cheriette, she could feel that even if Heavenly Thunder struck Levi, it would only cause a minimal effect on the latter’s advancement in cultivation level.

Hence, it would be pointless to continue to stay there to metamorphose.

“Metamorphosing through Heavenly Thunder only has little influence in increasing my power.”

Levi paused briefly before he abruptly changed the subject. “Despite that, this place has Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line, which make it an excellent environment for forging ultimate weapons. Furthermore, there are various magical herbs around here. It’s not easy to bring all of them away if we plan to do so. However, if we use them to produce ultimate weapons, we can utilize them to the max and avoid wasting them.”

Larissa and Cheriette smiled bitterly at his response. He is trying to maximize the benefits of this trip to Dragon’s Grave Valley!

As Levi said, they might need to make a few trips back and forth if they wanted to transport all the magical herbs, which would be a waste of time.

Nevertheless, it required a lot of magical herbs to produce an ultimate weapon. Besides, they couldn’t bring Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line away, and those two things were perfect for forging ultimate weapons.

Hence, bringing back the limited ultimate weapons was equal to taking countless magical herbs with them when they successfully created the ultimate weapon.

“That’s right, Lord Garrison!”

“That’s brilliant thinking, Master!”

The duo uttered at the same time.

Levi stated, “Moreover, Heavenly Thunder and earth ley line can act as the protector to avoid people from disturbing me in forging ultimate weapons.”

Cheriette and Larissa were utterly impressed by his words as he was planning to make use of every resource available at Dragon’s Grave Valley.

Meanwhile, Floyd continued moving forward in a pathetic state.

At that moment, most of Floyd’s hair was scorched black, and the thick armor on his body was mutilated.

Wounds and blood stains were visible on his exposed arms and thighs.

His aura was no longer as powerful as he was at first, seemingly reaching the limit of his endurance.

Floyd dodged Heavenly Thunder while cursing, “I can’t believe there’s so much of that darned Heavenly Thunder! Also, this strange ground is like having several dozen times stronger gravity. It’s so exhausting to avoid Heavenly Thunder on it.”

Floyd felt as if he was placing his life on the line to face the attack of numerous Heavenly Thunder intermittently throughout the journey.

He had thought of retreating temporarily, but he had already ventured into it for such a far distance, and he was unsure whether he could escape unscathed.

In addition, Floyd wanted to check if Levi was dead or alive. That was why he was determined to head to the core area immediately.

“I want to see you no matter what. Master, I’m coming!”

Floyd bit the bullet and continued hurrying toward the core area.

As Heavenly Thunder boomed and stuck, Floyd dodged with a stagger.

It was only because he devoured the energy from the aftermath of the Heavenly Thunder that he could maintain his strength to keep moving forward.

Otherwise, he would have died from exhaustion.

“No wonder those b*stards out there didn’t dare to chase after me to enter here. They must be afraid of Heavenly Thunder strikes. What a bunch of wimps!” Floyd ridiculed.

The truth was, many sects under Eclipse did not dare to follow Floyd because they were indeed fear of Heavenly Thunder.

After those fighters from the small sect reported the situation to the two sect leaders, they ordered to leave Floyd to his fate.

Although they were not sure about the identity of the ones who barged into Dragon’s Grave Valley, death was inevitable for the latter as they were facing the powerful Heavenly Thunder strikes.

Hence, various forces had been waiting there for almost five days.

“Lord Slabey, do we still need to continue waiting here?” Geraint asked respectfully.

Throughout this period of interaction, Geraint had already succeeded in being acquainted with the two sect leaders.

The two sect leaders’ attitudes toward Geraint became better after the latter tried his best to curry favor with them.


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