The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3915

Chapter 3915 Become An Empyrean

Following Geraint’s question, the leaders of other sects focused their attention on the two sect leaders.

Although their goal for being there that day was to take down that insolent fool, it was unnecessary for them to continue waiting there if that person got struck by Heavenly Thunder and died.

After a short moment of silence, Walden asserted, “The terrifying Heavenly Thunder has already dispersed, and other areas are back to normal. It indicates that Super Heavenly Thunder has finished. If those people survive the challenge, they should have come out within the past three days. However, we haven’t seen any of them walk out of it until now. Hence, it proves that all of them have lost their lives to Super Heavenly Thunder.”

The deputy sect leader chimed in, “You’re right, Lord Slabey. What a pity about Larissa, though. She has such an excellent cultivation potential.”

The two sect leaders came to a firm decision. Of course, it was indeed what they had in mind. Previously, the energy of the gigantic lightning orb was so horrifying. Even the top sects would be destroyed if it crashed on them, let alone that madman. Death would undoubtedly be his fate!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Back then, that kid still ask us to remain in our spot to help him transport magical herbs. He’s so full of himself!”

“That guy didn’t know his place because he thought he was capable. But what he didn’t know was that Kenfort was utterly powerful.”

“It’s such a waste for Eclipse’s Empyrean, though. I’m afraid we’ll need to pick someone else.”

“That’s right. Rumor has it that Larissa is the only remarkably talented girl in Eclipse. It’s easier said than done to find another person like her.”

“I think it’s not that difficult. Eclipse is influential, so how is it hard to get an extraordinarily talented woman from more than a hundred smaller sects?”

“I heard that the future wife of the head of Void Sect is truly gifted. Perhaps that’s a good chance that she’ll be the one!”

Everyone discussed among themselves.

At the garrison of Void Sect, people heard many rumors as well.

Shock and bewilderment were written all over their faces, especially when they received news about the madman’s death because of Heavenly Thunder.

“The madman had once single-handedly slaughtered many elites of Eclipse. I can’t believe he couldn’t withstand Dragon’s Grave Valley’s Heavenly Thunder with such a cultivation level. Isn’t Heavenly Thunder too terrifying?” Swallowing his saliva, Santino found Dragon’s Grave Valley even more frightening.

“Otherwise, why would the ancient manual refer to Dragon’s Grave Valley as a desolate area? Besides, judging from the energy of the enormous lightning orb from before, even the top elite fighter of large-sized sects would be defeated if they went there personally. Hence, it’s not strange for that madman to lose his life there,” Primo uttered with a solemn expression.

Astonished, Gloria said sighingly, “I just didn’t expect even such a high-level fighter couldn’t do whatever he wanted in Dragon’s Grave Valley. I wonder how many magical herbs are in there.” Before this, I admired the high cultivation level of that madman and thought his strength was the most powerful in Kenfort. However, now it seems that one needs to be even more powerful if one wants to move freely in Kenfort.

“Gloria, I think what they said made sense. Next, I’m helping you to find an opportunity to let the two sect leaders notice you. Since you’re talented in cultivation, maybe you can become Eclipse’s Empyrean!” Primo claimed in amusement.

Primo realized Gloria excelled in cultivation after interacting with her during this period. Especially after the joint cultivation, Gloria’s cultivation level improves to a whole new level. If she becomes Eclipse’s Empyrean, it’ll also greatly benefit me.

After all, Eclipse’s cultivation resources were multiple times more than Void Sect’s. Most importantly, the number of resources the council members had was unimaginable.

Gloria smiled. “I hope I can become Empyrean too. Then I can be of better help to you, Darling.”


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