The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 3917

Chapter 3917 Tip Of An Iceberg

After two days of continuously refining ordinary ultimate weapons, barely anything was left of the huge pile of Subdivine Bones.

With their jaws dropped in astonishment, Cheriette and Larissa stared at the dozens of ultimate weapons that were just a bit inferior to the premium ones.

As someone who had seen the world, Larissa had to admit that even the skilled blacksmiths in Eclipse were no match for Levi.

“I feel like no one else in Kenfort can surpass you in terms of forging technique!” she exclaimed.

“Next up is the Arctic Lake,” Levi voiced in anticipation.

With so many magical herbs even on the shore of the Arctic Lake, one could only imagine how much top-notch herbs they could find inside the lake.

“Follow me!”

Levi waved at the two ladies.

Just as his right foot touched the edge of the water, he was once again struck with the feeling of being watched.

“Who is it?”

A sharp look flashed across Levi’s eyes before he whipped his head around, but the feeling disappeared the next second as if it was never there in the first place.

Levi immediately released a wave of energy to search the place. Even after scanning the few kilometers of land nearby, he did not find anything.

“This is so strange!”

Levi knew for sure that he wasn’t imagining things, but since the other party wouldn’t show up, he didn’t see the need to initiate an offense.

The fact that they could hide from his senses under the circumstances earlier meant that they had an extremely high cultivation level.

At the very least, they must have extraordinary concealing skills, or they wouldn’t have been able to show and hide so easily.

Levi was actually more inclined toward his guess that the entity watching them was not human.

It could be a spirit beast. Not only did they have unique ways to hide themselves, but they also possessed a spiritual sense similar to that of humans. Therefore, it wouldn’t be strange for them to lurk on someone.

On the other hand, Cheriette and Larissa had chills running down their spine. They also sensed someone watching them secretly, and it felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Who is it?”

“It feels even scarier than the Heavenly Thunder earlier.”

The two women’s faces turned pale from fright. They were certain that the two of them would be totally defenseless if the other party were to attack.

Levi muttered to himself, “Little brat, you better not cause trouble. Otherwise…”

He eventually shook the thought off and said to the ladies, “Forget about it. Follow me into the Arctic Lake!”

Right after saying that, he dived into the lake.


The moment he entered the water, a bone-chilling coldness hit him.

Not only that, but it was also accompanied by terrifying streaks of lightning energy. Nevertheless, they did no harm to Levi at all.

To make things easier for Cheriette and Larissa, he went ahead and absorbed most of the Arctic Lake’s lightning energy.

The remaining lightning energy was not deadly. On the contrary, it helped refine the two ladies’ bodies and raised their cultivation levels.

Of course, Levi had done that on purpose as a little bonus for his two followers.

“This is a wonderful reward from Master!”

“Yes. As long as we maintain a certain distance from Lord Garrison, we can use the lightning energy of the Arctic Lake to improve ourselves.”

As Cheriette and Larissa spoke to each other telepathically, they followed Levi closely to search for magical herbs.

When they got deeper into the Arctic Lake, the two ladies realized that the Divine Bones they had seen on the surface of the water were just the tip of an iceberg.

The larger part of it was hidden in the Arctic Lake.

The bones belonged to a humongous being around forty meters long. Even its smallest bone was as thick as an adult human’s thigh.

“This must be a kraken, right?” Cheriette said telepathically.

Descriptions about krakens only existed in the ancient manual, but they could see that the skeleton looked quite similar to the drawings in the ancient manual.

Some parts of the huge skeleton were visibly damaged, while certain bones were missing. A good few bones appeared to be charred, which was obviously the doing of the Heavenly Thunder.

“This is the premium Divine Bones derived from a kraken!”

Larissa’s excited telephathic voice confirmed.


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