The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2691

Chapter 2691 

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“You, on the other hand, do you know why I’ve been asking you to take birth control while also asking you to use skincare? You’re different from the other women because you don’t know when to be content. I knew this day would come.” 

Zephir pushed Roxy away. 

Roxy looked like a flower that wilted. 

“You said that you’re pregnant? Why don’t I ask the doctors to check if you can get pregnant?” 

Her pregnancy was fake because she just wanted a way out. But why? Why did he have to be so cruel? She laughed. “If you knew, why did you keep me by your side? Because of this face?” 

“You knew you were just a replacement but still stayed because of the money and status. I had said that I wouldn’t take you too seriously. We were just getting what we needed. Do you really think that you’re good enough to make me stay? Just because of that face? That’s so stupid.” 

Zephir’s mind had always been clear, but he pretended that wasn’t the case. Roxy had been under the impression that Zephir wouldn’t get tired of her just because she looked very similar to Daisie. 

Even if she was great with men, whatever she did only worked with older men. 

Zephir never had trouble getting a girl, so why would he fall for her beauty? 

Roxy was numb as if all her plans had been foiled. Her blind confidence was torn apart. 

News about Roxy circulated online for a long time and was only replaced by news about the cast for Donny’s movie. 

James’ team retweeted updates about the movie. 

Hello, Mr. Ledger.

After his photo in the character’s attire came out, it shot into trending. 

#James’ future is going to be bright!# 

The man who I’ve idolized for years. I hope you have a bright future. 

All James needed was ‘The Fog’ to disassociate his name from bad acting. His acting is just alright.

Why are you so salty? Do you know him? He can act, but he kept getting characters that are *ssholes and never got the chance to perform. He has improved a lot. You don’t have to like him, but you can also shut up. 

His fans shut down the netizens who complained about his acting skills. 

A lot of people found out that ‘Who Killed Her?’ was adapted from Freyja’s script named ‘Suicidal Christmas’. Everyone who had read Freyja’s novel even managed to find her pen name. 

Freyja had also written the original screenplay of ‘The Fog’, but since she wasn’t famous then, the rights were sold by Thither, the website where it was published. It was later adapted into ‘The Fog’. 

The writer who bought the rights and rewrote the script was famous because of Freyja’s original work. 

The website violated copyright laws. Shouldn’t the copyright be with the writer? How could they sell it without checking with the writer? Disgusting.#

Mrs. Goldmann is so nice not to take action against them.

Daisie’s sister-in-law has bigger fish to fry and wouldn’t care about such a small website. Since Donny Winslow is adapting the script, they wouldn’t really care what the website did because they looked down on her.

Freyja never expected her alias to trend because she had stopped using it years ago. 


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