The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2692

Chapter 2692 

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However, when Freyja saw that people started to talk about her work on Thither, she was excited about it. She was at least getting some recognition. 

Suddenly, she received a call from Leia. “Freyja, I heard Norman say that you and Donny are back to get ready for your new movie. How is it going?” 

Freyja got up, walked to the window, and then smiled and replied, “The crew is building the set at the Kong Ports, but we won’t start filming soon. We need to train the actors first.” 

Leia teased, “You’re starting to become a famous screenwriter now. Going big soon?” 

“It doesn’t change anything. Do you want to come here?” 

Leia paused upon receiving her invitation, then smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll be there on your wedding day.” 

After the call ended, Freyja went downstairs and saw Deedee playing with Charm in the living room. She walked over and patted her head. 

“Deedee, do you want to go back and see your grandfather after the summer break?” 

Deedee looked up. “Grandpa?” 

“Yes. He will be pleased to see that you’ve grown so tall now.” 

Deedee got up. “Would grandpa love me?” 

Freyja squatted in front of her and looked into her eyes. “Of course. Your grandfather told me that he misses you a lot.” 

“Sure. Let’s go see Grandpa after the holiday. But…” Deedee hesitated. 

Freyja cupped Deedee’s cheek. “But what?” 

“The teacher gave us some homework asking us to write about our fathers. I don’t know what to write.” She lowered her head because she had never met her father. 

Freyja paused as her eyes darted around because she didn’t know how to answer her. 

Colton suddenly showed up at the doorway. “Your father loves you, and that’s all you need to know.” 

Deedee looked back at him and tilted her head. “Is that true?” 

Colton nodded. “If your father didn’t love you, you wouldn’t be here.” 

Deedee looked at Freyja. “But why didn’t he want to keep me?” 

Freyja touched her hair. “That’s not true. He is just not around anymore. Do you know the stars in the sky? He’s watching you from there.” 

Even though it was a fairy tale lie, telling her the truth would be too much for a child. 

“Stars…” Deedee looked down. “My teacher said that people will turn into stars after they leave. So, Dad left us already, right?” 

Colton walked behind her and placed his hand on her head. “But you can see the stars if you look up. Deedee nodded. 

Colton nodded too. “We’ll turn into stars one day, and you will too.” 

Freyja looked up at Colton, who looked so serious, and couldn’t help but chortle. 

Deedee seemed to know what to-write then, so she picked up her book. “I’ll go finish my homework then.” 

She went up the stairs. 

Charm watched her go up and started baby-talking while reaching out her hand as if she wanted to go  with her. 

Colton picked her up. “She’s going to do her homework, so you can’t be with her, okay?” 

Charm wasn’t happy with that, so she waved her hand around, grabbed his face, then pushed it away. 

Freyja got up and grabbed her tiny hands. “Our little baby is angry.” 

Charm didn’t want her father to carry her anymore. 

Colton rubbed his temples. “This kid must have learned from you.” 


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