The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2693

Chapter 2693 

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Freyja took Charm into her arms. “Are you unhappy?” 

“I don’t even have a choice.” Colton chuckled helplessly. He put socks on Charm. “You mother and daughter are both in on this. You’re bullying me.” 

Freyja said to Charm, “Kiss your daddy, or he will be unhappy.” 

She moved Charm closer, and the latter planted a sloppy kiss with saliva on Colton’s cheeks. Colton was annoyed but still hugged both of them and kissed them back. 

Deedee wrote an essay. ‘My Dad is a Star’ and got first prize in her year. 

When she read out her essay during the assembly, all the teachers felt sorry for the little girl who had lost her dad. 

Freyja and Colton were there at the beginning of the school year event. They stood outside her classroom and listened to her reading it. 

Freyja pressed her lips together, but Deedee saw her through the window. 

She smiled and waved at her to cheer her up. 

Her class teacher walked over. “Are you here to see Deedee?” 

Freyja nodded. 

The teacher said, “Deedee’s essay was very touching. Losing her parents at such a young age is so sad.” 

Colton held Freyja’s shoulder and said to the teacher, “Please take care of her at school.” 

The teacher smiled. “I will. Deedee is a good girl, and I like her a lot.” 

Freyja and Colton looked at each other and smiled. 

Applause came from inside the classroom because she finished reading her essay. She bowed and beamed happily. 

She was no longer the shy girl with low self-esteem. She was now a happy and cheerful girl. 

Freyja and Colton left the school. Colton held her hand. “Deedee has broken out of her shell, so can you worry less now?” 

Freyja smiled and said, “Yes, but we should give you credit for that.” 

“We should thank Beatrice and Cameron. They were the ones who changed her.” 

At the mention of Cameron, Freyja asked, “By the way, where did Cameron and Wayne go after their wedding? I haven’t seen them since that.” 

He smiled. “Honey-mooning at the East Islands.” 

Cameron sat on the folding chair, having some watermelon while watching people train at the martial arts 


Mahina, who sat next to her, sighed. “Should we go back in? You’re pregnant. You should rest more.” 

Cameron sat up straight and looked at her. “We can’t always be resting. I’m just watching them train  anyway. I’m not the one training.” 

She wasn’t allowed to do anything for almost a year. She might just go crazy. 

Mahina signed again. “You just can’t sit still, can you?” 

She smiled. “I can’t.” 

Waylon walked over. Mahina patted her shoulder. “Wayne.” 

Cameron turned to look at him. 

Before she could speak, Waylon picked her up, and everyone who was training looked over. 

Cameron put her arms around his neck. “What are you doing, Wayne? I’m at home. You need to let me have some dignity!” 

“They’re training with weapons. You might get hurt.” He carried her in while Mahina followed them. 

Cameron turned her face away. “They won’t hurt me. You two are just overly anxious.” 

Waylon nodded. “We need to be worried because you are you.” 



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